DAT Assessment Price Indices

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Type: Index

Qualifiers it works with: See below list with definitions

What is it? 
The DAT Assessment Price Indices are the rates per mile for truckload spot van rates on specific lane segments that have been assessed by DAT to determine the price for truckload services in the spot market on specific O/D pairs. 

DAT Van Final Report - DATVF  - This value is reported daily regardless of volume and has a 4 business day lag. 

Who is interested?
Carriers, freight brokers, shippers, hedgers, speculators, economists, company executives, fleet managers

What does it tell me?
DAT Assessment Price Index rates will tell participants in the market, including hedgers and speculators, the price paid for truckload spot-services between lane pairs and baskets of lanes. 

What lanes are included: 

Origin/Destination Lanes:

Los Angeles to Seattle Van (LAXSEA)
Seattle to Los Angeles Van (SEALAX)
Los Angeles to Dallas Van (LAXDAL)
Dallas to Los Angeles Van (DALLAX)
Chicago to Atlanta Van (CHIATL)
Atlanta to Philadelphia Van (ATLPHL)
Philadelphia to Chicago Van (PHLCHI)

Example: If a user wanted to get the daily average of Chicago to Atlanta for truckload spot van rates they would enter: DATVF.CHIATL