Financial Markets

The introduction of Trucking Freight Futures will provide advantages and opportunities for carriers, shippers, 3PLs and other companies that are exposed directly and indirectly to the U.S. trucking market. Most importantly, Trucking Freight Futures will provide those involved in moving goods more transparency into the cost of moving those goods.

Professional futures traders, banks, brokers and FCMs have a thorough understanding of the application of futures markets as well as the vital role of hedging and speculating.

Proprietary traders and hedge funds will look at Trucking Freight Futures as a new market in which they can speculate to make a profit. They will welcome volatility.

Banks that are managing risk on behalf of clients will welcome Trucking Freight Futures as a new risk management tool that can be marketed to both existing and new clients. In the case of existing clients who have hedge programs in place for fuel, agricultural products and/or dry bulk commodities, Trucking Freight Futures will be another tool that can be added to the portfolio to help manage their cash flow.

For Nodal’s FCMs, Trucking Freight Futures represent a new and exciting product, a new revenue stream and a potential source of new customers.