FreightWaves Thought Leadership Guidelines

Thought Leadership

FreightWaves strives to publish content that both informs and advances the conversation around the technologies and economics that are impacting the freight ecosystem. We have partnered with leading experts in their fields to provide Thought Leadership content that aims to better equip readers with the information they need to maximize their operations. If you would to be considered for inclusion in our Thought Leadership content, contact Managing Editor Brian Straight at

FreightWaves accepts contributed thought leadership pieces from authors on these topics under the following conditions:

1.       FreightWaves is most interested in authors interested in writing on a regular basis (1-4 times a month) as frequency will build a following that will drive awareness of the author’s credentials/expertise. FreightWaves will consider contributions on a less frequent basis based on topic.

2.       FreightWaves does not pay for contributed content, but reciprocal links and social media/newsletter promotion are offered in exchange. In addition, bio information on the author, including company information (and a website link) will be included with the article.

3.       All content is subject to editorial review. This includes for grammar, style, libel, and content appropriateness. FreightWaves will contact the author for articles deemed unpublishable, with an explanation. Good faith efforts will be made with the author to adjust the article to meet guidelines.

4.       Contributed articles should represent the author’s opinions/thoughts on the topic.

5.       Contributed articles should be centered on a discussion of an issue/topic and not to promote a product. While FreightWaves understands the author is an expert in this area and at times it may be appropriate to mention service(s) or product(s), thought leadership articles should advance an issue and not be a commercial for a product.

6.       Articles should be at least 300 words long and not more than 1,200. FreightWaves is less concerned about length and more concerned that the article is clearly written and conveys the message the author intends.

7.       An accompany image/graphic should be included. There is no limit on images/graphics/charts that can be included, but while they should add to the content, they should not detract from it.

8.       In-article hyperlinks may be included to relevant content. Links that do not provide relevant information will be removed. FreightWaves reserves the right to insert links to its own content where appropriate.

9.       Failure to adhere to any of these guidelines will result in any future contributions being denied.

10.   FreightWaves reserves the right to reject any submission.

For more information, contact Managing Editor Brian Straight at