WHAT: FreightWaves is putting together a collection of brief essays/articles from visionaries, industry and market leaders, expressing their visions and articulating their hopes and fears in the range of 750-1,500 word essays. How clearly are we seeing toward the future right in front of us? 

Let’s hear from you on disruptive technologies, pricing, operations, finances, sales, and marketing. From your perspective, what is the impact on the freight markets and your business? As the industry becomes increasingly digitized, MarketWaves will feature technologies and services that use quantitative data to project and monitor the freight markets.

Are you a senior-level transportation industry executive, venture capitalist, industry analyst, developer, or entrepreneur? We’re looking for decision makers behind the biggest brands and startups who create buzz around high-impact technology across all industry segments: shippers, carriers, 3PLs, supply chain management, manufacturing, and media.

WHY: We are simply looking to codify, celebrate, disseminate and discuss interesting and provocative ideas about the fascinating times we’re living in as it relates to freight and innovation moving into the short-term future. The book will be free and widely available.

WHEN: We will compile and edit the essays and release them in the form of an ebook and a print book to release by our MarketWaves18 event in Grapevine, Texas this November 13-14.

HOW: This book will be widely disseminated and available for download from the Freightwaves.com site.

DEADLINE for ALL submissions: The sooner the better for planning and editing purposes, but we have a hard deadline of Wednesday, August 15 (end of day).

Already written something? That’s fine too. Whatever you think might fit. So long as you have the rights to it, and we’ll give credit where credit is due. We will edit only as necessary.

PAYMENT? We are not paying for these submissions, nor are we asking anyone to pay.

Still have questions? Reach out to Chad Prevost at cprevost@freightwaves.com or at his phone at (423) 645-5375.