Amazon replacing an old mall with a new fulfillment center

The abandoned Randall Park Mall site in North Randall, OH, is where one of 35 new fulfillment centers Amazon is building this year is being built.

Memories of the Randall Park Mall, once the largest mall in the United States, came back to life in Ohio after Amazon announced it will build a new fulfillment center on the location in North Randall, OH. It is one of 35 fulfillment centers in Amazon’s pipeline, Business Insider reports.

MWPVL International, a consulting company with expertise in logistics, supply chain and distribution, told Business Insider the 35 centers that Amazon plans to add to its existing fulfillment centers would complement the 105 it had as of September.

Delivery speed is still a concern for Amazon as it continues to add centers. The North Randall site is close to Interstate 480, making it easily accessible for orders to be delivered as part of the company’s Fulfillment by Amazon program for third-party vendors. It is also within 3 hours driving time of major cities such as Columbus, Detroit and Pittsburgh.

The location is capable of providing a parking lot that spans about 67 acres and space is still available for the main fulfillment center itself.

The 2014 Amazon Annual Report serves as a blueprint for Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Inside, readers will see it highlights the need “to fulfill customer needs” through the help of “robotics, vision systems, and almost 20 years of software and mechanical innovation to fulfill customer orders.”

Amazon once used about 10,000 robots in 10 fulfillment centers per the 2014 report. As of this year, that number has climbed to about 80,000 robots deployed throughout each fullfilment center. 

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