International launches Uptime Command Center for 24/7 vehicle support

International announced it has created a 24/7 center to manage customer support to help speed the time it takes to get vehicles back on the road. The Uptime Command Center is based in Lisle, IL, and with a team of 200 is dedicated to getting vehicles diagnosed and back on the road within 48 hours, Michael Cancelliere, president of Trucks & Parts, said during a press briefing on Sunday at the American Trucking Associations’ MCE 2017 meeting in Orlando.

“Its mission is to get vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible and no longer than 48 hours after it is first diagnosed,” he said.

The program features “3 dimensions:”

  • Proactive. Using the OnCommand Connection telematics network, which constantly monitors and captures data from more than 325,000 vehicles that collectively travel more than 8.8 million miles per day, has led to a 30% reduction in unplanned maintenance for customers utilizing the service, Cancelliere said.
  • Predictive. The company’s focus on predictive maintenance aims to take advantage of OnCommand Connection Live Action Plans, a feature now being piloted, which is expected to predict when a part is going to fail before it actually does, and to provide the customer with alerts about potential corrective actions, the potential repair, the parts needed, and the training required to make the repair. Furthermore, if the repair is performed as instructed and the vehicle is under warranty, Navistar would pay for the repair.
  • Collaborative. The International dealer network supports the program by ensuring  24/7 parts availability, which includes approaches like “hotshotting” parts from one of the company’s Parts Distribution Centers to the dealer.

Also utilized in the program is the company’s Accelerator Write-Up Tool. This mobile app expedites customers’ service visits by streamlining the write-up and diagnostic process and providing clear action plans for service technicians.

Combined, these services lead to a smoother and quicker repair process, the company noted. For example, when a fault code signals that an OnCommand Connection-enabled truck is experiencing an unplanned maintenance event, the Uptime Command Center team checks vehicle health reports and location data provided by OnCommand Connection Advanced Remote Diagnostics. A complete diagnosis is developed and the closest dealer with an open service bay and the parts needed is identified and the truck routed for repairs.

The company also announced the OnCommand Marketplace. Expected to be live next week, the Marketplace is an open-architecture, cloud-based technology e-commerce platform for complete telematics services and a broad range of related driver support tools and will be open to customer-created and third-party apps.

The Marketplace will initially offer the OnCommand Connection Telematics solution and the certified OnCommand Connection Electronic Driver Log (EDL) app, which automates federal HOS compliance requirements. It will offer access to tools such as driver vehicle inspection reports and other capabilities to make the driver’s job easier and more productive.

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