Freightliner, Wabco, Lytx and Zonar among those showing new products

There were a number of companies that presented new and updated products this past week at the American Trucking Associations’ MCE 2017 conference in Orlando, FL.

Below is a rundown of the some of the announcements.

Freightliner adds keyless entry

Daimler-brand Freightliner has added keyless entry to its new Cascadia model. With each truck purchased, owners will receive two keyless entry transmitters that are paired at the plant, with one transmitter able to be paired to multiple trucks for fleet owners. The company also announced an optional medical device power supply that’s designed to provide 8 to 10 hours of power for a typical Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. The power supply can be recharged through the alternator or shore power.

Additional Detroit announced its Detroit Connect app is now available for download for Freightliner and Western Star customers who have an active Detroit Connect subscription. The app allows customers to access information about their vehicles’ performance without needing to be at a desk or on a computer. The app offers many of the same features found in the web-based Detroit Connect portal, including fleet health, fault event diagnostic information and fault history delivered by Detroit Connect Virtual Technician.  

Detroit also said that its Connect Virtual Technician remote diagnostic system can now deliver remote fault event diagnostics for Detroit DT12 automated manual transmissions.


Wabco launches blind spot detection system

Wabco has launched OnSide, a new blind spot detection system. The radar-based system alerts drivers of the presence of a moving vehicle in a truck’s blind spot and provides a side collision warning to reduce the risk of accidents.

The system uses advanced short-range radar to detect a moving vehicle in the blind spot and then alerts the driver with a visual signal, the company explained, providing coverage for up to 65% of a 53-foot trailer. When the truck’s turn signal is engaged, the system provides a more assertive warning in the form of an audible signal or a seat vibration.

 When used in conjunction with Wabco’s OnLaneAsssist lane keeping assist system, OnSide has the capability to go beyond warning to enable active collision avoidance. In that case, if a lane change is initiated and OnSide detects a vehicle in the adjacent lane, OnLaneAssist applies a correction torque to the steering wheel to return the vehicle towards the lane center.  

OnSide will be available as a retrofit kit in November 2017 and through major North American truck manufacturers in the first quarter of 2018. 


Acuity now selling commercial insurance in Texas

Acuity Insurance announced that it is now writing commercial insurance plans in the state of Texas. The company now offers insurance in 26 states. Coverage includes commercial auto, cargo, worker’s compensation, general liability, property and more. Acuity also offers the Truckers’ Enhancement Endorsement, which provides over two dozen coverage options for truckers.

All Acuity customers can take advantage of tis Motor Carrier Toolbox, which is designed to assist trucking companies with human resources, safety, compliance and CSA, maintenance, driver training and more. It includes sample forms, guides and other information to help transportation professionals comply with FMCSA regulations.


Pedigree Technologies introduces plug-and-play ELD

Pedigree Technologies has introduced the Cab-Mate One, a plug-and-play ELD that features a 10-minute installation process and low cost of ownership. It is a ruggedized tablet that can move from the in-cab cradle-and-mount system to out-of-cab use. It is a wired solution and is compatible with Pedigree’s ELD Chrome software.


HELP introduces ELD and mobile bypass applications

HELP, the provider of PrePass truck weigh station bypass systems, has introduced ELD and mobile bypass applications.  PrePass ELD is a simple solution to monitor hours-of-service, recording only the data required by law, the company said. It operates as a bring-your-own device (BYOD) app available in both Android and iOS formats and takes seconds to install. Users will be able to download the app to any tablet or smartphone, tether it with an OBDII device plugged into the truck’s diagnostic port, and begin recording truck movement and driver hours.

The cost of the PrePass ELD app is $14.99 per month per license and is reduced to $12.99 per month when bundled with the PrePass weigh station bypass service, although a bundle is not necessary.

The company also introduced PrePass Motion. The Motion app is part of the current PrePass bypass service, but will allow PrePass to expand its services to more locations and states. Motion, available later this year on both Android and iOS systems, will be included with the PrePass weigh station bypass service offered at no additional charge to existing customers. Customers may use Motion as a stand-alone application or pair it with the PrePass transponder for maximum bypass opportunities.


Lytx launches Video Services

Lytx has launched Video Services, which can layer atop of its DriveCam product to provide continuous recording of outside a vehicle. Video Services provides both a 7-day archive of recordings and live-streaming capabilities. It can connect to any camera and is searchable and reporting is configurable so fleets get the information on events they are most interested in.

The company also announced its Rair compliance services has added new functionality and is fully ready for the ELD implementation date. The updates enhance the ability to cross-reference HOS data with supporting documentation and log validation to pinpoint trouble spots. The updated dashboard features HOS violation statistics, CSA BASIC scores, group ranking, driver ranking and location ranking.


Rolling Strong rolls out new app

Healthy lifestyle company Rolling Strong has launched a new mobile to help truck drivers improve their lifestyles. The app, available for iOS and Android devices, gives drivers access to nutrition guidance, exercise programs, sleep time and pattern tracking, personal health records, DOT certification reminders and the ability to connect to a wellness coach.


Zonar introduces real-time in-cab coaching with Zonar Coach

Zonar announced Zonar Coach, a video-based coaching solution designed to improve commercial vehicle safety, efficiency and compliance. Coach is an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), leveraging G-sensor based event detection and automatic video capturing technology. It identifies proper and risky driving behavior and provides instruction to drivers in real-time to help prevent accidents, improve driver efficiency and maintain compliant vehicle operation.

Coach provides live in-cab voice event notifications to the Zonar Connect tablet when a driver exhibits potentially risky behavior like exceeding posted speed limits, tailgating, lane drifts, missing stop signs and other driving events. It automatically captures video or images of driving events including location data so drivers can refer to and learn from their record in the future. After completing a drive, drivers can also access their scorecard on the Connect where they are rated for each event type. Fleet managers can access data from Coach through Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control web portal.


Decisiv announces Data Services business

Service relationship management software platform provider Decisiv has launched a Data Services business that will focus on bringing together data on a commercial vehicle’s lifecycle from the Decisiv platform.

“Decisiv’s new Data Services business will help our commercial vehicle and heavy equipment fleet operator, OEM and service provider customers more effectively use data and analytics to optimize their businesses and realize a sustainable competitive advantage in their markets,” said Dick Hyatt, president and CEO of Decisiv.

Joining Decisiv to lead its new Data Services business is Rob Bradenham. As VP Data Services he will focus on the development of offerings that fully utilize the advanced closed loop and fully integrated data capabilities of the Decisiv SRM platform.

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