PeopleNet introduces new gateway option, fault monitoring system

The PeopleNet PCG gateway offers 4G LTE connectivity.

PeopleNet made several new product announcements this week at the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition in Orlando. A new gateway, fault intelligence, document scanning program and wireless trailer camera were on display at the company’s booth.

PeopleNet’s Connected Gateway (PCG) provides another connectivity option for those not looking for the additional options and inputs available on the PMG gateway.

The PCG allows fleets the flexibility to connect to a wide range of in-cab displays and mobile devices via WiFi to 4G LTE networks.

“This is probably going to satisfy 75% plus of the industry,” Jim Rodi, EVP, group general manager, told FreightWaves. “If you need something more, you would move to the PMG.”

The PCG can be self-installed and connects directly into the vehicle diagnostic port and mounted on the truck’s dashboard. The PCG connects to the engine bus and provides encrypted communication back to PeopleNet’s cloud data center.

For fleets looking for more advanced predictive maintenance, PeopleNet has introduced Fault Intelligence as part of its ConnectedFleet platform. Leveraging its relationship with Noregon, Fault Intelligence provides comprehensive, real-time vehicle health and safety information and fault guidance.

“The key is being able to assess when you have 3 or 4 faults going off, are they low level faults or faults that need [immediate attention],” Rodi noted.

While an individual fault may not be significant, Rodi noted that using the system’s reporting tools could help a fleet determine whether that fault may be an indicator of a larger problem about to occur.

Fault Intelligence gives insight into the health of vehicles within a fleet, regardless of make or model, and presents it in an easy-to-understand format, allowing dispatchers and maintenance personnel to make informed decisions quickly in order to maximize the efficiency of their operations.

Information available includes a vehicle safety score, health score and location information. Customers can also customize fault management options and create action plans.

The company also announced a new wireless backup camera that pairs automatically with tractors. Live video is streamed into the cab from the system and when combined with PeopleNet’s camera systems, provides fleets with a 360-degree view of the vehicle.

PeopleNet’s Video Intelligence Solution triggers video from company-controlled settings from a truck’s Onboard Event Recording (OER), augmenting traditional driver and truck analytics with onboard event recording.

The backup camera is powered by the anti-lock braking system (ABS) of the trailer and uses a transmitter to automatically pair it to any tractor equipped with a PeopleNet Video Intelligence receiver. This pairing allows for wireless streaming of live video on an in-cab display when the vehicle is in reverse, reducing blind spots for the driver.

Finally, PeopleNet has entered into a partnership with LoadDocs, a mobile document-scanning company. PeopleNet users can now scan documents such as expense reports, inspection reports and bills of lading with their phone or tablet and the LoadDocs system will extract the data and deliver it to a workflow system.

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