Choptank Transport joins new blockchain forerunner BiTA

Choptank Transport, an award-winning, nationwide third-party logistics (3PL) provider announced today that it has joined the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA) to help shape the future of logistics technology.

Choptank has invested heavily in the latest transportation technologies as the needs and expectations of its customers have grown. Transparency, efficiency and real-time information exchange is no longer optional in the supply chain… it is a requirement for most of today’s shippers. Choptank uses several different platforms to track and trace their shipments, depending on the customer’s needs, such as Trucker Tools, MacroPoint and others.

BiTA believes blockchain is one of the most significant developments within the transportation industry since the creation of the internet. By providing more clarity and standards around blockchain through education and promotion of the technology, BiTA intends to be the leading blockchain voice for the industry.

“It is essential to collaborate with BiTA and other top industry leaders with shaping how the transportation industry conducts business in the near future,” said Marcia Wood, chief financial officer at Choptank Transport. “In order to thrive in this industry, the adoption and expansion of technology is essential. We know the possibilities that these technologies will bring and expect them to increase exponentially.

“Putting ourselves at the forefront of this kind of technology is what provides top customer service to our customers and carriers. What’s exciting is we are just beginning to tap into the ability to combine this technology with other technologies such as robotics, smart contracts, and digital freight payments that will increase the pace of the industry like we’ve never seen,” adds Wood.

Working faster and more efficiently is one of Choptank’s priorities and being recognized for it is a bonus. Workforce magazine recently awarded Choptank Transport with the Silver Optimas Training Award. The company also has received numerous other accolades, such as: Food Logistics Top 3PL and Cold Storage Provider, Global Trade America’s Leading 3PL and the Washington Post Top Workplaces award.

Through engagement of the brightest minds from the most influential leaders in transportation, finance and technology, BiTA, along with Choptank Transport and many other supply chain experts, will build the first set of transportation industry-specific blockchain standards. Get ready, logistics is about to transport us into the future.

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