Supply chain technology platform provider Transfix joins Blockchain in Trucking Alliance

Transfix, the technology platform that is changing the way companies and shippers manage their supply chain, announced today that it has joined the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA). Based in New York, Transfix is a freight logistics technology company that works with Fortune 500 companies on moving their freight. The company’s technology platform provides shippers with enhanced visibility, advanced tracking capability and real-time data access to vetted and quality carriers.

Blockchain is garnering wide attention as it offers a shared ledger that is updated and validated in real time using cryptographic validation from all parties involved. The adoption of blockchain would result in increased visibility and transparency across the entire supply chain, enabling all participants to access better business intelligence while distributing trust and transparency.  

“As the supply chain industry continues to get digitized, innovations such as blockchain can offer security for shippers, carriers, 3PL’s and others. As a company, it’s always been our goal to improve the lives of drivers/dispatchers, shippers, and the environment through technology innovation. This is why we are excited to partner and collaborate with BiTA in establishing blockchain standards and exploring how blockchain can make different parts of the supply chain more efficient and secure,” said Jonathan Salama, CTO and co-founder of Transfix.

Some of the largest Fortune 500 companies currently work with Transfix to reduce their shipping costs, eliminate unnecessary waste in their supply chain and better utilize existing resources. . With real-time tracking, exception management, and access to quality carriers, shippers are able to improve their operational efficiency with Transfix. 

Leading freight and supply chain companies are joining BiTA, a member association formed by technology and transportation executives. BiTA intends to be the leading blockchain voice for the industry with the goal of bringing together leading companies in the freight technology industry, while developing the education and promotion of blockchain technology.

Transfix eliminates waste and inefficiencies that exist through a deep understanding of the dynamics that exist for the world’s leading shippers and the truck drivers that move their goods. Transfix is able to identify blind spots where data can fundamentally transform the way shippers and carriers work together.

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