Profit Tools Joins Blockchain in Trucking Alliance

Profit Tools Inc., a provider of Intermodal Transportation Optimization Solutions, today announced that it has joined the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA).

Founded in August 2017 by transportation and technology executives, BiTA was established to develop uniform blockchain standards and educational programs for the transportation and supply chain industries. Over four hundred companies have applied, including some of the largest logistics, 3PL, and technology companies. Member companies will collaborate to create standards and influence how blockchain applications will be used in the transportation industry. 

At a high level, blockchain technology creates a transparent and immutable ledger, digitally documenting the transaction history between all parties involved in the blockchain. The information is stored as a shared, continually evolving database. Blockchain technology is decentralized and secure, promoting trust between all parties involved in virtual interactions.

As it relates to the transportation industry, blockchain supports real-time, transparent information sharing between shippers, carriers, brokers, vendors, and more. From updating tracking information to expediting payments and contracts, blockchain creates a smarter and more connected supply chain.

“For over 20 years, Profit Tools has delivered innovative technology to help carriers automate and grow their businesses,” said Brian Widell, Founder and CEO, Profit Tools. “Blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new technologies will enable higher levels of operational efficiency and profitability. We are thrilled to join this group of industry leaders and help make blockchain technology successful in the transportation industry.”     

You can learn more about BiTA, their standards, and how to get involved here.  

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