Archer Atlantic Global Logistics trusts blockchain, joins BiTA

In July 1955, when Charles E. Bennett of Florida introduced the resolution in the house that the inscription “In God We Trust” appear on all paper and coin currency, he intended that those four words would serve as a constant reminder that the nation’s political and economic fortunes were tied to its spiritual faith.

In 60 years since those words, there have seen many stock market crashes, the dot-com bubble burst, financial crises, Ponzi schemes, and housing crises that have served to erode all our trusts.  A man’s word is no longer his bond and as Richie Etwaru ably puts it, “we increasingly start every company and transaction with the automatic subliminal assumption that the counterparty cannot be trusted.” That is the nature of business today.

Enter the blockchain, built on distributed technology and proven cryptographic algorithms, it has found a way to codify reputation and trust. This new codification of trust opens new possibilities for how we will be doing business in the future.

Nick Darmanchev, CEO of Archer Atlantic Global Logistics, believes that joining BiTA, “provides us with an opportunity to embrace the technology while helping to lay a foundation on which the future applications we build will conform to agreed standards.”

This alliance of industry players, coupled with the best minds in finance and technology will no doubt ensure transparency, growth and profitability for the future trucking industry.

Based in Colorado, Archer Atlantic is an asset-based logistics company servicing almost every industry in the economy. We believe in listening carefully to our customers’ problems and then determine the best way to solve them at a reasonable price.

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