UK-based Hiab introduces electric truck, lithium-ion forklift

The recent Freight in the City event in London served as the perfect time for UK-based Hiab, a subsidiary of Finland-based Cargotec Corporation which manufactures on-road load handling equipment, to launch its skip loader truck powered by electricity. According to its press release, the Multilift Futura Skip Loader truck is “the world’s first electric-powered” skip loader truck functioning on the same capabilities as that of a diesel-powered skip loader truck. This was a vehicle developed in partnership with Dutch manufacturer EMOSS.

Skip loaders are similar to roll-off dumpsters, but they are lifted onto the back of a truck.

“As it operates silently and with no CO2 or nitrogen oxide emissions, this fully-electric skiploader is ideal for businesses that involve urban deliveries or out-of-hours operations,” explained Henri Jahonen, director of sales and product business of demountables for Hiab.

Before the Multilift Futura Skip Loader truck was launched, Hiab developed a lithium-ion powered forklift that is used for off-hours deliveries. The Moffett E-Series forklift truck is a comparison item for Hiab’s new product. The E-Series was re-launched at the Freight in the City Expo in London alongside the Futura Skip Loader and the Hiab ePTO loader crane.

Hiab has worked with Pets at Home to use the E-Series to make deliveries without disturbing neighborhoods. For this effort, the joint venture between Hiab and Pets at Home was recognized for their business-sound practices by giving them the John Connell Quiet Logistics Award for 2017.

“We know that our customers are facing a tougher and more demanding load handling environment, especially in the larger cities, with emission regulations not easing the demand for logistics,” said Keith Quigley, senior vice president for truck-mounted forklifts.

The UK passed the Climate Change Act in 2008 to set a path forward to develop the country’s Carbon Plan in December 2011, a plan whose goal is greenhouse gas reductions to the same levels as found in the 1990s.

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