AnyTrek releases refrigeration tracking unit

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The Food Safety Modernization Act has given rise to new methods and products to help refrigerated carriers comply with the regulations. With some emphasis on “temperature control for safety,” AnyTrek has successfully developed “an online tanker thermometer” to comply with the act, as reported by Overdrive.

The device is called the ThermoTrack and designed to be a “a screw-in replacement for existing analog tanker thermometers.” It comes with a GPS tracker and a modem running on a 4G/LTE modem that sends hourly updates on cargo temperatures and location to AnyTrek’s servers. It runs on its own batteries with a shelf-life of up to 12 months.

AnyTrek record 12 months of data in the internal flash memory.

While the internal battery is expected to last up to 12 months, alerts are also sent to its cloud-based servers if the battery life is getting depleted earlier than expected. This alert is also sent to smartphones that have downloaded the ThermoTrack app.

Under FSMA, carriers are responsible for maintaining strict compliance records when it comes to transportation food products.

Shenzen-based AnyTrek produces tracking devices and opened a U.S. office in California in 2015. Most of AnyTrek’s GPS-based products are wireless. From tracking tractors to trailer trucks, they usually function with GPS and GSM antennas.

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