Today’s Pickup: CVSA one-day inspection takes 22% of vehicles out of service

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A one-day brake enforcement inspection by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance resulted in 14% of commercial vehicles in the U.S. and Canada being placed out of service for brake violations. A full 22% of vehicles were placed out of service for some kind of violation, CVSA said.

Brake Safety Day was held on Sept. 7, 2017, and included 7,698 inspections, 1,337 of those occurring in Canada.

The event also captures data on how well antilock braking systems (ABS) are maintained in accordance with federal regulations, CVSA said. ABS systems were not inspected by all jurisdictions, but those that did found 11% has ABS violations, including a malfunction lamp not working properly. Fourteen percent of trailers has ABS violations and 5% of hydraulic-braked trucks had violations.

“Brake-related violations are the largest percentage of all out-of-service violations cited during roadside inspections. CVSA’s Brake Safety Day provides an opportunity enhance brake safety,” said CVSA President Capt. Christopher Turner with the Kansas Highway Patrol. “Our goal is to reduce the number of crashes caused by faulty braking systems, by conducting roadside inspections, educating drivers, mechanics, owner-operators and others on the importance of proper brake inspection and maintenance.”

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A recent UPS/GreenBiz Group survey found that 65% of respondents believe there is insufficient collaboration across sectors, including government, to address logistics operations in urban areas.


“There is a big push from department stores across the board this year to cut down lead times and manage inventory tightly. We are delivering orders on weekly cycles with plans that are six weeks out.”

Robert D‘Loren, chairman and CEO of U.S.-based Xcel Brands, which supplies branded apparel to retail chains

In other news:

Waymo self-driving vehicles hit roads without humans

Waymo has begun testing robot vehicles without a driver in the seat as the next stage of autonomous vehicles begins. (Wall Street Journal)

Stores stocking less inventory this holiday season

Retail stores are bringing in fewer items into stores this year, but also reordering more often, which is straining the supply chain. (Reuters)

60% of small fleets still not ELD compliant

According to a survey by CarrierLists, 60% of fleets running fewer than 100 trucks still have not adopted ELDs as the December deadline to do so approaches. (CCJ)

Survey cites concern over urbanization and its impact on logistics

A UPS/GreenBiz Group survey found that only 47% of businesses feel properly prepared to address the business challenges with urbanization, and 53% cite congestion as a major concern. (Inbound Logistics)

Port of Savannah posts large growth

The Port of Savannah, GA, saw a 32% increase in container traffic in September and has posted a 12.3% increase in July, attributed to the expansion of the Panama Canal. (Transportation Today)

Final Thoughts

A survey from UPS and GreenBiz Group found that 65% of respondents believe there is not enough being done to address logistical challenges in urban areas, and this includes government cooperation. With the growth of e-commerce bringing more delivery vehicles into city environments, it’s time for participants to look at more efficient and cost-effective ways to move goods within these communities.

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