North American 3PL Cerasis joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

North American third-party logistics provider (3PL) and specialist in less-than-truckload and multi-modal shipping, Cerasis, is the latest transportation entity becoming a member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). With more than 10% of gross domestic product (GDP) expected to be stored in blockchain by 2025, Eagan, MN-based Cerasis and its partnering shippers will have an opportunity to help shape the future of blockchain in the transportation industry.

Cerasis’ decision to join with other transportation industry BiTA members reflects real-world market needs in developing, using and educating the market on blockchain applications and encouraging the use of blockchain in both current and future system upgrades, rollouts and developments.

The Cerasis Rater continues to support shippers in need of multi-modal transportation options, as well as value-added services, including small packaging shipping, freight invoice auditing and inbound vendor management and scheduling. Since the Cerasis Rater resides in the cloud, Cerasis’ joining in BiTA membership is the natural step toward creating a superior set of standards across the transportation industry for using blockchain applications and technology.

The use of blockchain will propel Cerasis forward in designing and globalization of better accountability, visibility and affordability in logistics. Although not the first to join BiTA, Cerasis’ wealth of experience in North American logistics will play a vital role in how BiTA shapes blockchain use in North American logistics in the near future, well before Deloitte’s expected 10-percent use of Blockchain by 2025.

Other members in BiTA include:

  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Technology vendors and developers
  • Raw material supplies
  • Banks
  • Carriers
  • Shippers
  • Brokers

This consortium between multiple entities involved in using blockchain will help to reduce the ascension of “invisible” entities that seek to use Dark Web resources or existing, available resources to cause damage to transportation networks, systems and offerings. Meanwhile, Cerasis’ decision to become a member in such consortium will enable a continuous period of growth in developing blockchain, improving transportation industry efficiency and setting standards for the next era of internet-based ledgers, accounting and user interfaces.

Top technology solutions crafted and offered by Cerasis include:

  • eCommerce solutions for any-size shipment, ranging from parcels to those in need of white glove service.
  • Real-time tracking and automated alerts.
  • Strong, robust reporting capabilities.
  • Enterprise control over shipping.
  • Transportation accounting features, also known as value-added services.
  • Carrier rate negotiation, management and compliance monitoring.
  • Seamless integration with other, existing supply chain system technologies, web services, EDI and API.

Steve Ludvigson, president & co-founder of Cerasis, looks upon Cerasis’ decision to enter BiTA with great hope and resolve to build a better transportation world.

“Cerasis is excited to have joined BiTA. As a non-asset based broker specializing in our technology applications, we have long helped our customers manage the complexities of data movement and using the power of information. We are looking forward to being part of establishing the standards the transportation industry will utilize as blockchain applications enter the marketplace and provide value to all aspects of the supply chain.”

Shippers can now rest assured assets will be less likely to suffer setbacks resulting from lacking accountability and an internet-driven industry. Shippers will feel the impact of Cerasis’ guardianship of their best interests in helping design future Blockchain standards, such as using data for the sake of transparency, streamlining shipping through smart contacts, verifying shipper, carrier and driver identifies, monitoring and controlling digital assets, and managing payments.

Founded in 1997, Cerasis has developed extensive web-based tools, including transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater, services, and resources for shippers in need of affordable, quality and timely shipping solutions. The Cerasis Rater also allows shippers to track invoices online, compile and run transportation reports, generate and store bills of lading and control shipping across multi-site portfolios.

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