Today’s Pickup: FMCSA looks for clarity on personal conveyance

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One of the big mysteries around hours of service is personal conveyance. When can a driver use a vehicle for personal reasons without it counting against their driving time? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is now attempting to clarify that usage through regulatory guidance.

The current law requires an off-duty driver to be relieved of all work and responsibility for performing work. It allows drivers, with company permission, to the use the vehicle to get to and from work or for other “short” trips, such as going to get something to eat or shop.

A key part of the law, FMCSA said, is that the vehicle be “unladen.” The agency believes that has penalized operators of vehicles where a trailer could not be detached and therefore the vehicle could never be unladen.

FMCSA is seeking comment on the proposal which would eliminate the unladen part of the rule. This would not only affect drivers of straight trucks, but also may impact tractor-trailers, allowing drivers to take the trailer with them while loaded while operating under personal conveyance. In addition, the agency is seeking comment on the appropriate use of a CMV while off-duty and any economic impacts.

Did you know?

Traffic congestion in Los Angeles costs trucking fleets $1.3 billion per year, according to TomTom Telematics.


“Today, jurisdictions around the country are implementing the ELD requirement. Enforcement personnel have been trained in anticipation of the ELD rule and now that it is in effect, inspectors will be verifying hours-of-service compliance by reviewing records of duty status requirements electronically.”

Collin Mooney, CVSA executive director

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Final Thoughts

FMCSA is hoping to clarify the personal conveyance rule that currently requires a driver using a CMV for personal use to be unladen. It also is asking for comment on appropriate use of a CMV for personal use, which is where much of the confusion on this law exists. Hopefully it will listen to the commentators and come up with a cleaner, clearer rule on personal conveyance.

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