Don Hummer Trucking joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Don Hummer Trucking is betting on the future of blockchain technology to radically transform the trucking industry. The company recently announced it is joining the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, lending its 30 years of practical experience in the truckload industry to help forge new protocols and standards that will help the industry leverage this promising technology.

Blockchain refers to the process of storing information in “blocks” across a digital network to make transactions more secure and traceable. While blockchain technology already has a major presence in the financial sector—most notably as the underlying platform for Bitcoin—there is unmet potential for the transportation and logistics industries.

Not only will blockchain allow companies like Hummer to track shipments faster and more accurately (and keep more precise maintenance records on its fleet), it will allow carriers to identity excess truckload capacity, making coordinating loads more efficient.

Blockchain technology offers big incentives for customers as well. Complete transparency will allow users to track shipments along every step of their journey. But most notably, blockchain can streamline payment processes, allowing customers to instantly transfer funds securely once a shipment is delivered.

“Blockchain technology’s ability to transact in certainty, rather than just information, will have far reaching implications for every industry,” says Mike Johnson, director of IT at Don Hummer Trucking. “We recognize this potential and are eager to join with other industry partners in the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance to build a bridge between technology and the truck.”

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