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Today’s Pickup: ACT Research makes comparing fuel types easier

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As interest in alternative fuels continues to grow, ACT Research is making it easier for fleets to compare different fuel types.

The firm has released an enhanced fuels calculator that covers operating cost comparisons between diesel, natural gas, hydrogen-fuel cell and electric. ACT’s Truck Fuel Calculator helps fleets measure power selection and vehicle cost, fuel and performance, and maintenance over a set time period or trade cycle.

“Electric vehicle technology continues to make strides as it further penetrates the various vehicle classifications with Class 8 on the docket,” said Ken Vieth, senior partner and general manager at ACT Research. “All viable commercial vehicle power alternatives must now be considered to accurately measure potential cost savings for fleets as we look to the future.”

Did you know?

There are over 524,000 registered carriers in the U.S, more than half (272,000) are for-hire carriers.


“The really bad news–which you also won’t find mentioned in the ODOT ‘performance’ report–is the fact that not only are we not making progress on Vision Zero, we’re losing ground in a big way. Oregon is currently experiencing an epidemic of roadway deaths. Fatalities on Oregon roadways are up 58 percent since 2013. Crashes killed 495 Oregonians in 2016, up from 313 in 2013.”

Joe Cortright, Portland, OR, economist, on the state’s approach to highway funding, which he says doesn’t prioritize safety.

In other news:

Preventing coercion with ELDs

The introduction of ELDs brought with them concerns about coercion, as many believe fleets se them to push drivers to drive a little further because the ELD said they had more time. The rule, though, includes a few ways designed to prevent this from happening. (Heavy Duty Trucking)

More than half states raise gas taxes

As any infrastructure projects sit idle in Washington, states are working on their own solutions, with more than half having raised their gas taxes this year. (Equipment World)

Teamsters slowing self-driving truck push

The Teamsters Union is helping slow regulations surrounding self-driving trucks, the New York Times reports, persuading legislators to keep them separate from automotive legislation. (New York Times)

Enterprise adding locations to handle truck demand

Enterprise is adding 40 locations this year to meet growing demand for rental trucks from both consumers and corporate customers. (Gears of Biz)

Oregon devotes billions to infrastructure, but at what cost?

A look into the Oregon Department of Transportation’s budget shows that while the state may be spending billions to improve its roads, the state is prioritizing speed above safety. (Willamette Week)

Final Thoughts

News that half of the states in the country have increased their fuel taxes this year shows that states are not waiting around for Washington for direction, taking matters into their own hands to make necessary infrastructure improvements.

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