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Nvidia invests in Chinese automated truck company TuSimple

Graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturer Nvidia has invested into automated trucking company TuSimple, TechCrunch reports. Nvidia estimates the current worth of the automated vehicle industry to be $10 trillion dollars and a good fit for its “GPU deep learning” products.

TuSimple has completed a Level 4 (true self-driving) vehicle test covering 200 miles. Nvidia will add its technology to the truck.

TuSimple’s English language homepage jumps right into addressing the problems that it can solve, providing logical explanations to the demand behind self-driving trucks.

  • Driver shortages. A problem that sounds similar to problems faced by American trucking companies. TuSimple says there are fewer people applying for truck driving jobs.
  • Safety issues. TuSimple attributes most of the vehicle accidents to human error. Self-driving trucks would avoid such problem.
  • Fuel waste. This is where the green energy solutions factor in the automated driving trucks that TuSimple has to offer. TuSimple says that “inefficient truck driving” leads to as much as 30 liters of fuel wasted for each 1,000 kilometers driven.

Nvidia’s technology is expected to help TuSimple in the vehicle’s development. These include radars that measure up to 200 meters away; computer vision algorithms that allow the vehicle to “see” the roadway as clearly as a driver would; and 3D technology.

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