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Today’s Pickup: Lytx crunches the numbers to determine eclipse’s impact to trucking

How did the solar eclipse last week affect the trucking industry? New data from Lytx tries to some numbers behind the event.

The company, which is the maker of the DriveCam video safety program, monitored data from its systems on Eclipse Monday and compared that data to previous Mondays, which served as the benchmark.

According to the company, “the rate of drivers ‘off identifiable roadway’ (pulling off to the side of the road) was 68% higher on the day of the eclipse, and events involving ‘other communications device’ (something other than a cell phone) were 47% higher.

“The takeaway: Commercial drivers, as a group, were just as geeked out over the eclipse as the rest of us and likely pulled over to take a picture,” it said.

The data also found that vehicles driving faster than the posted speed limit increased 35% on the day of the eclipse – perhaps an indication that drivers were trying to make up time after stopping to watch or due to increased congestion.

Did you know?

Approximately 22% Gulf of Mexico oil production has been shut down as of Sunday afternoon because of Hurricane Harvey, according to the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.


“Our mascot brings to life the great aspects of trucking, offering the more human aspect of the trucking industry. Safety Sammy represents the safety we strive for each and every day on the road. We’re looking forward to taking Sammy coast to coast, to tell the vital trucking story.”

Kevin Burch, chairman of American Trucking Associations, on the industry’s new mascot, Safety Sammy.

In other news:

TSA ups screening for plane cargo

Concerned about the potential exploitation by terrorists, the Transportation Security Administration is reviewing its screening procedures for cargo flown on commercial aircraft. (CNN)

UK investing in platooning trials

The UK will invest $10.4 million in truck platooning trials starting in late 2018. The trial will involve up to three trucks. (Automotive Logistics)

Wabco Holdings to acquire U.S.-based steering supplier

Wabco Holdings is acquiring R.H. Sheppard Co., a supplier of power steering gears and columns for commercial vehicles. (York Dispatch)

Meet Safety Sammy

Earlier this year, Trucking Moves America Forward launched a campaign to name the industry’s new mascot. Last week, it was announced he will be called Safety Sammy. (Fleet Owner)

Cyberattack costs Maersk millions

The final tally on the cyberattack that crippled Maersk earlier this year has been announced. The loss of business and recovery cost the company two weeks of business and $300 million. (Supply Chain Brain)

Final Thoughts

If the TSA institutes new screening procedures for cargo carried on commercial aircraft, as some reports suggest could happen, that may have an effect on e-commerce and the ability of the U.S. Postal Service to delivery some packages on time due to potentially longer screening times.

Hammer down everyone!

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