Today’s Pickup: Mercedes-Benz produces 3D printed truck part

 Mercedes-Benz has successfully produced a 3D printed thermostat cover.
Mercedes-Benz has successfully produced a 3D printed thermostat cover.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks, a Daimler brand, has successfully made its first 3D printed repair part.  The part, a thermostat cover for a Unimog model has passed all the stages of the stringent quality assurance process, Mercedes-Benz said.  

“With the introduction of 3D metal printing technology, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is reasserting its pioneering role among global commercial vehicle manufacturers,” said Andreas Deuschle, head of marketing & operations in customer services & parts at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “We ensure the same functionality, reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness with 3D metal parts as we do with conventionally produced parts.”

The 3D printed metal parts are displaying very high strength and thermal resistance, “and the process is therefore particularly suitable for the production of mechanically and thermally stressed components required in small numbers,” the company added.

Mercedes-Benz envisions 3D printed parts to be used for peripheral engine parts made of metal, in-engine parts and also parts in cooling systems, transmissions, axles or chassis.

Did you know?

According to government data, trucks have an overall crash rate 29% lower than that of other vehicles.


“The particular added value of 3D printing technology is that it considerably increases speed and flexibility, especially when producing spare and special parts. This gives us completely new possibilities for offering our customers spare parts rapidly and at attractive prices, even long after series production has ceased.”

Andreas Deuschle, head of marketing & operations in customer services & parts at Mercedes-Benz Trucks

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Final Thoughts

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has successfully produced its first 3D printed part, a thermostat cover. But, the future of 3D-printed parts could mean that older trucks will have access to repair parts and dealers and repair shops won’t have to take up valuable shelf space for rarely purchased parts or special order those parts, reducing costs even further. 

Hammer down everyone!

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