Today’s Pickup: Measuring digitization’s effect on trucking

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How might the digitization of trucking change the industry? That is the question that Cerasis tackled in a recent blog posting. The answer is somewhat obvious: a lot.   

“Imagine that, if we could combine all of the trucks in the national transportation grid to a similar system, how much benefit could we ensure by allowing for more synergy in realizing efficiencies on a massive scale for both, truckers and shipper?” the firm writes. “Unprecedented is the perfect word to describe the gigantic scale of such benefits, and the best part is that it’s not imagination anymore, it’s a fast become reality titled ‘Digital Trucking.’” 

The post identifies several areas that will be affected, including the integration of trucks within the logistics chain in ways they never have been before.

‘With the help of digital trucking, trucks will be able to have real-time data on shipping needs, from the arrival of shipments to factories warehouses and customers in a timely manner to offering complete transparency in terms of tracking whereabouts of goods, every single data metric will be available, allowing the system to serve in a much better way that was previously possible.”

There will also be an increased use of large distribution hubs, Cerasis predicts, that require little human interaction. Software will also help, as platforms connect trucks with customers quickly, allowing the matching of trucks to shipments of maximum value and profitability.

Digitization will also allow the quicker movement of goods into and out of distribution centers and boost efficiency of trucks through improved health and repair information that leads to more uptime.

Did you know?

The national fleet mpg average is 6.4, according to the NACFE. The seven trucks involved in NACFE’s study on fuel efficiency using commercially available technologies averaged 10.1 mpg.


“It’s all about time management and attitude. You have to want to get good fuel mileage.”

Joel Morrow, truck driver for Ploger Transportation

In other news:

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This week might be the week that a plan to overhaul the tax code is finally released, according to reports. (Transport Topics)

California Clean Air bill includes millions to replace older trucks

California has passed a new Clean Air bill that includes more than $180 million to replace older trucks, but some are not convinced it’s money well spent. (Heavy Duty Trucking)

Hyperloop One nets more funding

Hyperloop One, a company looking to build a high-speed transport system, has secured over $85 million in new investment to make that project a reality. (Futurism)

Shell’s Starship set for launch

The futuristic truck Starship that Shell is backing will likely be unveiled next year, the company said. (Prime Mover)

ELD makers multiply

The upcoming ELD mandate has spawned a new cottage industry devoted to offering the devices, but will the new companies be able to provide quality products? (Arkansas Online)

Final Thoughts

On Sunday, truck drivers from seven fleets met with the media as part of the Run On Less program, which focused on real-world trucks in real-world operation trying to achieve 9 mpg. The trucks averaged 10.1 mpg. But the drivers offered plenty of tips to increase fuel efficiency, but most important was from Joel Morrow, a driver for Ploger Transportation, who said it is an attitude to want to improve fuel economy. Good advice for any driver out there.

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