Fullbay’s Software aims to relieve common pain points associated with HD mechanic shops


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Those who have managed  heavy-duty mechanic shops are aware of the five main pain points that come along with the business:

1.  Owners tied to the shop

2.  Tech efficiency

3.  Customer service improvement

4.  Faster invoicing

5.  Bottom line improvement

Most solutions in the market seek to address one or two of these pain points, but Fullbay — a shop management software system — aims to relieve all five.

Freedom from the shop – Many shop owners are used to being tied to the shop — missing their children’s games and family dinners. Fullbay enables owners to manage their shop from anywhere, on any device, so long as there is an internet connection.

More efficient techs – Successful shops must do what it takes to keep mechanics working for them. Fullbay allows shops to know which mechanics are producing and which aren’t, as well as offers real-time stats that allow owners to see and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each tech.

Customer service – A customer portal helps enhance customer service. Shop managers spend less time fielding phone calls because customers now have the ability to know what the estimate is, approve repairs line by line, and know exactly when their repairs will be completed so they can get their fleet trucks back on the road. In addition, payments for services can be paid online.

Faster invoicing – Many mechanic shops are still using pen and paper to invoice, causing problems with paperwork and delayed invoicing. Fullbay can help shops become paperless to reduce clutter and enhance workflow.

The bottom line – Fullbay offers shops a chance to increase their bottom line. Shops no longer lose parts or waste valuable time and resources running an inefficient shop.

With the right tools in place, heavy duty mechanic shops are now expanding smoothly, are worth more money, and are easier than ever to operate.

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