Rolling Strong and Enrollment First partner to prioritize drivers

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For many drivers, health tends to take a back seat—yet the job remains a dangerous combination of days that can be both sedentary and stressful. FreightWaves has previously written about Rolling Strong, a company focused on driver wellness on the road, as well as Enrollment First, a “health solutions company” for the transportation industry, and now the two have announced their official partnership after working together for 8 years.

FreightWaves had a chance to speak with Hazen Mirts, CEO of Enrollment First, and Stephen Kane, President of Rolling Strong to hear about how the two companies are coming together to better the driver experience.

“By pulling these companies together it really creates a full service solution with the insurance and wellness side…if you’re a driver, or an OO, or a small fleet, and you’re looking for insurance and help you need to stay healthy, it’s almost seamless for you,” said Kane.

As Mirts explained, “we found that drivers were not that interested in their health unless they were up for their DOT physical.” Together, Rolling Strong and Enrollment First aim to change that.

Rolling Strong’s app is gamifying health, aiming “to give drivers the respect they deserve and the information that empowers them to be able to make better, healthier decisions,” according to Sean Mohr, co-founder and VP of Rolling Strong.” Enrollment First members will be able to use “the application, a website portal, a coaching line that they can call that’s staffed by wellness coaches,” said Mirts.

Whether or not drivers are already tracking their health, “the application itself has a solution for everybody.” Rolling Strong’s app gives drivers access to “a whole fitness program that’s customized to the driver lifestyle, a massive library of routines” for drivers to choose from.

Carriers that use Enrollment First are able to “the company version allows them to design their own competitions,” further gamifying the driving experience. “It gives the drivers something extra, something fun that is actually also teaching them how to stay healthy on the road,” Kane noted. 

For Kane himself, it’s personal—he was a driver for years before he began looking for driver wellness solutions. “We do this because we really want to impact drivers’ lives, it’s meaningful to me [because of] where i’ve come from and the physical struggles i’ve personally had.”

As the interview came to a close, Kane remarked that it was “exciting and amazing to be in a partnership and provide something that’s impactful for drivers.”

“At the end of the day, I want them to know that there’s a solution out there for them,” Kane concluded.  

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