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July 2019

FreightWaves Staff Monday, July 1, 2019

White Paper: IMPACT TMS – A Next Generation Tool That Transforms Supply Chain Decision Making

Today many companies are investing greatly in automated tools and machine learning to bring control over their supply chain and gain real-time visibility. By leveraging this technology, they can effectively manage cost and bridge informational gaps between suppliers, customers and transportation providers.nVision Global is continuously working on developing technology within the supply chain, with over 30 years of experience. Impact TMS provides the visibility and management of your global shipments from creation through delivery. You can now integrate all of the features you demand in a TMS solution with nVision Global’s other technologies, such as Freight Audit and Payment, Freight Claims and Business Analytics. nVision Global is one of the few providers in the world that can offer these solutions in a single package and still offer a configurable TMS solutions that meets your exact needs and specifications.Download the white paper to learn more about the benefits of a cloud-based TMS.

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