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Trucker Tools’ loyalty program rewards drivers, not carriers

Trucker Points currency helps drivers fuel life on the road

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Carrier rewards programs have become popular in recent years. 

These programs are typically intended to foster goodwill between shippers or brokers and their transportation partners, especially during times of market volatility and general unpredictability. While these programs often reward carriers, they do not typically benefit individual drivers.

Trucker Tools has set out to change that.

“We have talked to hundreds of brokers over the years who are looking for a scalable, reliable digital way to reward the driver — specifically the driver, not the carrier — for doing business with them,” Trucker Tools CEO Kary Jablonski said.

The company has launched a first-of-its-kind loyalty program that does just that. The easy-to-use system allows brokers to reward drivers directly for specific actions they complete within the Trucker Tools app. 

Source: Trucker Tools

The Trucker Tools loyalty program allows brokers to award carriers Trucker Points, the program’s unique currency, for performing certain predetermined actions, like consistent load tracking, submitting good offers or uploading proof of delivery. These points are valued at one penny per point and they can be aggregated across multiple shippers. Drivers can then redeem points for gift cards to hundreds of different retailers.

By directly benefiting drivers, the program allows shippers to gain favor — and secure a partnership with — the owner-operators and small carriers utilizing the Trucker Tools app.

“Loyalty programs typically reward the carrier, are expensive to run and don’t allow brokers to attract new carriers to their business,” Jablonski said. “The Trucker Tools driver loyalty program is the first and only platform for brokers to drive compliance and digital bookings with a carrot and not a stick.”

By utilizing this type of driver-first approach, brokers can fast-track their way to becoming a “broker of choice” by building stronger relationships and helping drivers earn more with every load. Additionally, the loyalty program helps increase compliance since drivers are being paid for going the extra mile.

Positive driver perception is paying off for Trucker Tools’ partner brokers. The company is already seeing digital booking and tracking activity increase significantly, according to Jablonski.

“We have received tremendous feedback from drivers about the program,” she said. “They already love and use Trucker Tools to manage their life on the road, and they feel that this program further cements the commitment we have to being driver-first.”

Click here to learn more about the Trucker Tools loyalty program.

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