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Black founders in freight — WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

Celebrating Black History Month with two special guests

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February is Black History Month and Dooner and The Dude have the honor of interviewing two of the fastest rising black founders in the freight industry, Pierre Laguerre and Marcus Cooksey.

Laguerre is the founder and CEO of Fleeting in Brooklyn, New York, and Cooksey is the CEO of DUKE.AI out of Dallas. 

During this episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner asks Laguerre about some of the strong, positive messaging he features on his website and how he inspires the students he speaks to. He says success is about understanding the people you work for and work with and listening to the goals and visions of everyone around you. 

Cooksey connected with Dooner by sharing his comeback story in the world of freight. Cooksey was inspired to found DUKE.AI by family in the trucking industry and his own difficulties with bookkeeping and financials. 

The Dude says Cooksey’s company was more about solving observed pain points in the industry instead of trying to break in with a shiny new product, and Cooksey agrees that having personal experience with the major problems in transportation was the key to building a successful company. 

WTT’s next guest also has a great comeback story: Britton Wesson shares his story and a song as he plays it forward. Wesson is a market development executive for J.B. Hunt and also hosts The Buffalo Way Leadership podcast. 

Wesson says his advice for leaders in the trucking industry is “keep preaching the message of being resilient” and acknowledges this industry is a tough place to be. 

Breaking into the trucking industry takes resilience, but it also takes a great idea and Hope Zvara saw an opportunity to bring yoga to truckers with Mother Trucker Yoga. Zvara has also created Stiff Mother Trucker pain relief cream to help drivers alleviate stiffness in the cab. 

She is committed to helping increase wellness for drivers, encouraging them to incorporate “small, simple changes” in posture and breathing to encourage better mobility on the road. 

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