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Chainyard joins the Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Chainyard, North Carolina’s largest blockchain specialist, announces its alliance with Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). Joining BiTA expands the ability to continue to be at the forefront of blockchain technology, the company said, adding that it is continuing to invest in several areas including supply chain, manufacturing and transportation.

“Working within the Alliance gives us opportunities to partner with other members to co-create value that will directly enhance the transportation industry through technology innovation and new business models,” said Isaac Kunkel, Chainyard’s consulting services lead. “Blockchain will change the way industries operate.  After working on building solutions in this space for the past three years, we’ve learned what it takes to navigate this fast-moving area. We’re excited to share what we’ve learned with the broader BiTA community.”

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that provides consensus, provenance, finality and immutability of business transactions and digital assets. These characteristics enable participants in a blockchain ecosystem to benefit from increased trust, greater transparency and reduced friction.

“Transportation is an area where we see the opportunity for blockchain technology to deliver tremendous benefits,” said Sai Nidamarty, CEO of IT People. “Participation in BiTA enables us to continue our blockchain journey, learn from the community and use our extensive experience, thought leadership and delivery capability to help the industry achieve genuine business results.”

“We are extremely excited to join BiTA and join this fast-growing alliance” said Mohan Venkatamaran, CTO of Chainyard. “With our expertise in supply chain and focus on manufacturing and transportation, joining BiTA complements our ongoing investment, experimentation and research in the application of blockchain, IoT and analytics to these areas.  Blockchain is a new way to think about B2B collaboration. Contributing to and understanding the standards being developed is paramount to the success of our customers.  Transportation is a major component in the supply chain value chain across many industries. Leveraging blockchain to increase trust, provide transparency and automate supporting transactions through Smart Contracts is essential.”

About Chainyard

We Turn Blockchain into Business Results.  Chainyard™ is a leader in developing blockchain-based solutions for enterprises. Our team of more than 45 blockchain consultants and developers has delivered leading-edge solutions that address manufacturing, financial services, supply chain, transportation and government services pain points. These solutions are critical to improving efficiency and creating competitive advantage for our clients.

We accelerate the development of blockchain infrastructure, middleware, and decentralized applications. Our team brings years of experience in building, testing, securing, and operating complex distributed systems to help adopters of blockchain technology succeed. We work with multiple blockchain technologies and have a specific focus on Hyperledger Fabric and its ecosystem.

We offer education, technical workshops, architecture assessments, business systems solution design, user interface design, continuous integration and delivery pipelines, operational impact assessments, network support services, consortium building, governance models and other activities that are critical to enabling a business to participate in a decentralized ecosystem.

When you get to know us, you’ll come to find we are much more than a typical delivery shop. We make sure that everything we do is done with a customer focus and with a guarantee of quality deliverables. We do this by defining engagement success via their business value (outcomes). We are not satisfied with any deliverable until the customer is satisfied. Our goal is to make sure each of our clients and the companies they work for succeed.

About BiTA

Founded in August of 2017, BiTA promotes the development and adoption of blockchain applications in the trucking, transportation and logistics industries, including establishing industry-wide standards. Members include truckload, LTL, and parcel carriers, as well as shippers, tech startups and incumbents, insurance companies, law firms, and other industry participants who have an interest in integrating blockchain technology into their organizations. Visit BiTA at