Rapid-fire pitch: Filament takes the strain out of data logging

Filament Pic.png

In presenting Filament’s latest blockchain package, Jake Ingman, the head of product and Chris Wood, the company’s head of business development highlighted the power of the blockchain’s immutability.

For Filament, that means that its Blocklet wallet can be a trusted tool that will simplify the data transactions for drivers that log critical data on their operations.

Filament’s newly developed Blocklet for Trusted Vehicle Applications allows for the secure transfer of truck diagnostic and utility data directly to a blockchain. By connecting to a truck’s diagnostic port, Blocklet can collect data as the vehicle is in operation, collecting data such as engine RPM, truck speed, fuel levels and run time. Information is then packaged, signed by Blocklet Wallet and sent as a single transaction to a host validator network for verification and then added to the blockchain. Each truck has a unique cryptographic identification that is posted to the records.

In addition to the verifiable data, Blocklet allows users to explore more efficient and flexible business models including usage-based insurance, peer-to-peer rentals and dynamic leasing.

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