Jack Cooper Holdings joins BiTA

Jack Cooper Holdings and Logistics, a specialty transportation and logistics provider, announced its membership in the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) today. BiTA is a global blockchain standards and educational alliance with over 400 members.

“Jack Cooper is proud to be part of an alliance with so many highly regarded shippers, carriers, logistics companies and technology providers. We are excited about blockchain’s potential to improve the efficiency of our industry,” said Kirk D. Hay, Chief Information Officer, for Jack Cooper Holdings and Logistics.

Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network. Within the freight industry, BiTA members see many opportunities to utilize the technology to streamline operations, speed processes, provide security and trust between parties and lower transaction costs to name just a few applications.

“We are pleased to welcome Jack Cooper Holdings and Logistics to BiTA,” said Chris Burruss, President of BiTA. “Our growing Alliance will only benefit from having forward-thinking companies such as Jack Cooper involved that can help us develop standards that will benefit the widest possible mix of companies. We look forward to working with the executive leadership of Jack Cooper toward our common goals.”

“Everyone in the supply chain is looking to improve efficiency,” added Hay. “Continuous improvement often requires evaluation and the adoption of new tools. Blockchain has the potential to improve our interactions with those we serve and partner, which helps increase our efficiency. We see BiTA as a way to facilitate a common standard to help deliver on the promise of blockchain.” 

“This is yet another example of Jack Cooper Holdings and Logistics’ IT leadership and innovation underneath Kirk Hay,” said Sarah Riggs Amico, Chairman of Jack Cooper Holdings Corp. 

BiTA was established in August 2017 by experienced technology and transportation experts with the purpose of developing a platform for dialogue, building common standards and promoting the education of blockchain technologies.

About the Jack Cooper Holdings and Logistics

Jack Cooper Holdings and Logistics is a specialty transportation and other logistics provider and the largest over-the-road finished vehicle logistics company in North America. They provide premium asset-heavy and asset-light based solutions to the global new and previously-owned vehicle markets, specializing in finished vehicle transportation and other logistics services for major automotive original equipment manufacturers and for fleet ownership companies, remarketers, dealers and auctions. Jack Cooper Holding and Logistics is a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise by the Woman’s Business Enterprise Council and employs over 3,500 people around North America.

About BiTA

Founded in August of 2017, BiTA promotes the development and adoption of blockchain applications in the trucking, transportation and logistics industries, including establishing industry-wide standards. Members include truckload, LTL, and parcel carriers, as well as shippers, tech startups and incumbents, insurance companies, law firms, and other industry participants who have an interest in integrating blockchain technology into their organizations. Visit BiTA at

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