Tranzlogix joins BiTA

Tranzlogix has reshaped the way companies can leverage telematics and IoT (Internet of Things) towards transportation visibility and related optimization. Tranzlogix is leading the digital transformation around “track and trace” into responsive logistics for the stakeholders by leveraging the power of seamless integration and connectivity. Tranzlogix’s roadmap starts with the US footprint and later will expand through the Middle East, Asia Pacific, India and beyond.

The company announced it has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

Currently Tranzlogix Solutions (TLX) specializes in provisioning ELD (electronic logging device) through its unique marketplace. With the ELD mandate now law, Tranzlogix is utilizing the opportunity to engage stakeholders starting within the highly fragmented transport carriers segment towards IoT-based asset tracking, integration and maintenance services.

Tranzlogix was founded in 2012 by four industry veterans supported by executive board members and advisors having more than 3 decades of running commercial trucking companies as well as 3PL operations. It believes its integrated ELD marketplace (, with its unique positioning, is a natural fit to bring the fragmented transport carriers together with the objective to reduce the dwell time of trucking companies that directly contributes to the top line revenue.

Tranzlogix Solutions, LLC is incorporated in the state of Georgia, USA.

There is value in consensus-driven, distributed databases in terms of accountability, corporate social responsibility and above all process efficacy for shippers, carriers, brokers and technology integrators in Tranzlogix solutions both in the US and worldwide. The company has been integrators of technology since its inception and sees a lot of opportunities that blockchain would provide to the stakeholders of the transportation and logistics industry.

As the global economy is predominantly debt-based, Tranzlogix solutions would provide exciting possibilities to introduce avenues for existing and new debt instruments (letter of credit, discounting invoices, factoring etc) thereby playing a valued role in the revival of the economy globally.

“We are excited to welcome Tranzlogix Solutions into the Blockchain in Transport Alliance,” said Chris Burruss, President of BiTA. “The goals of BiTA to develop market standards for blockchain use and create a community forum for discussions around cross-industry technology standards will only be achieved through the diverse membership of the Alliance working together. That includes brokers, carriers, shippers and technology providers as well as leading companies such as Tranzlogix Solutions whose Integrated Internet of Things (IIoT) tools help make business transactions run smoothly on a regular basis. We look forward to learning from the expertise Tranzlogix Solutions can offer the members of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance.”

“With a decade long experience gained in running a boutique trucking company connecting major backbone routes and five states in South India all the way from Kanyakumari to Gujarat over a decade, as well as with the opportunity to be part of similar operation in the USA for an year, made me think to do something to change the hardship of the transportation community,” said Justifus Asir, CEO of Tranzlogix, which led his long journey of building strong integration in handling massive complex event processing engines for Insurance sector, Oil and Gas and fresh produce domain. He sees massive opportunities for distributed computing from his experience in Data integration with agnostic devices (location, engine diagnostics, fuel, temperature, audio, video stream etc.)

Tranzlogix Solutions joins the ranks of leading logistics and technology players such as United Postal Service (UPS), FedEx, and SAP within the BiTA.

About BiTA

Founded in August of 2017, BiTA promotes the development and adoption of blockchain applications in the trucking, transportation and logistics industries, including establishing industry-wide standards. Members include truckload, LTL, and parcel carriers, as well as shippers, tech startups and incumbents, insurance companies, law firms, and other industry participants who have an interest in integrating blockchain technology into their organizations. Visit BiTA at

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