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The top five trucking markets represent 18% of all U.S. domestic volume

The top five markets represent 18% of the volume as of august 18, 2018 . in order: atlanta, ga; ontario, CA; joliet, IL; harrisburg, pa; and dallas, tx;


Chart of the Week: Outbound Tender Market Share (OTMS) comparing the top five trucking origin points in the U.S. (OTMS.ATL; OTMS.ONT; OTMS.JOT; OTMS.DAL; OTMS.MDT).

Sultan of SONAR says:

Top five trucking freight markets currently represent 18% of the entire load volume of U.S. domestic freight. This according to a new SONAR market-share index (SONAR: OTMS) released on Friday. The entire U.S. domestic freight volume is divided up among 135 total markets. 

The top five markets currently are:  

Atlanta: 4.48%

Ontario, CA (just outside of Los Angeles): 4.12%

Joliet, IL (just outside of Chicago): 3.46%

Harrisburg, PA: 3.10%

Dallas, TX: 2.83%

Looking back on the growth of the top five markets since March 1, 2018, Ontario, CA has grown the fastest relative to the entire market. The Ontario market is up 21%. This is largely a function of imports picking up as the calendar moved on throughout the year. The second best performing market in terms of freight volume growth relative to the rest of the country since March 1 would be Harrisburg, PA at 17%. Dallas was third growing its market-share by 16%. The largest market in the country, Atlanta grew by just 5% relative to other markets. Joliet, IL held its ground, but did not grow market-share.

Looking into peak season, it is possible that Ontario could bypass Atlanta as the largest freight market in the country, at least until the third week of November.

Southern Californians might cry fowl that Los Angeles metro is under represented in terms of freight activity because Ontario and Los Angeles are separated into other markets. If we combine Los Angeles and Ontario, the Los Angeles super-market is actually producing 6.33% of all freight in the U.S, making the L.A. metro market the largest freight origin point in the United States.

 Source: Maps on the SONAR dashboard (SONAR:OTMS). Darker blue represents higher volume. 
Source: Maps on the SONAR dashboard (SONAR:OTMS). Darker blue represents higher volume. 

Market share, like all of the daily indices can change over night, but OTMS data is also available in the map section. Users of SONAR can watch market share fluctuate over-time looking at the map widget. 

About this indices presented in this article:

Outbound Tender Market Share Indices (SONAR:OTMS) give participants a first-hand look at how important each market is relative to the entire United States. Market Share is exactly what it says, the index tracks the share of a specific origin point’s freight volume versus the entire U.S. To derive at the numbers, SONAR calculates the total amount of freight across the U.S. and divides it up among the individual markets by the percent of freight those markets moved out of the national total.

OTMS starts on March 1, 2018 and there is no historical data before that date in SONAR. All of the OTMS individual indices will add up to 100.00 representing 100%. The goal of OTMS is to give SONAR users the ability to see how important a specific market is versus other markets around the country.

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