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Daily Infographic: Product Roadmap with Locomation

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  1. Jim Murphy

    I believe a phase is missing or an addendum to Phase 2 – a Phase 2b. One driver with potentially multiple trucks.
    Is there an reason to limit a convoy to two trucks?
    I’m a huge proponent of autonomously assisted platooning as it satisfies many current needs. In essence, it addresses current driver shortages, makes drivers more productive, and by being responsible for multiple tractors and trailers, could increase pay for the best drivers. Also, it is a city to city solution, and not a last mile solution, which should lower the automation risks. Finally, driver monitored automation (whether the driver is in the lead or rear trailer) will be a huge step towards consumer acceptance and legalization. I’m surprised more companies are not pursuing this.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing platooning progress, and this solution is a huge step in that direction.

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