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DroneWaves: Urban planning for drone delivery

Local jurisdictional guidance is lacking, UrbanFootprint’s Goldstein says

This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ DroneWaves Summit.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Planning urban centers for drone delivery

DETAILS: Kaylee Nix, a reporter at FreightWaves, and Joshua Goldstein chat about how UrbanFootprint is taking a data-driven approach to planning layouts of urban environments. The logistics of drone operations and getting governmental approval in cities is quite complicated.

SPEAKER: Goldstein is the director of business development and partnerships at UrbanFootprint.

BIO: UrbanFootprint uses a software platform with in-depth urban planning data to help organizations transition to more sustainable, green economies. Goldstein has nearly a decade of experience building technology companies that work on hard public-sector problems. He was the co-founder and CEO of the Department of Better Technology and chief product officer at CityBase. Goldstein has also worked at Google, the World Bank and USAID.


“Many cities or local jurisdictions aren’t providing guidance on things like route planning, things like takeoff and landing, things like, ‘Can you fly over preschools?’ … I think that’s the biggest practical challenge that folks are facing.”

“From both an operational perspective and from the policy dialogue and policy planning part of this story, I think there are a lot of folks from city managers to mayors that we’ve talked to who want to be leaders in this space and are looking for private-sector partners to test some of these things.”

“I think we’re very far from the ideal Jetsons world that we all maybe want to live in in terms of a really crowded urban airspace.”

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Alyssa Sporrer

Alyssa is a staff writer at FreightWaves, covering sustainability news in the freight and supply chain industry, from low-carbon fuels to social sustainability, emissions & more. She graduated from Iowa State University with a double major in Marketing and Environmental Studies. She is passionate about all things environmental and enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and soccer.