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FreightWaves Haul of Fame: Longistics International, LLC

Growing for nearly 40 years; in it for the long haul...

Longistics was founded by Duane and Pat Long in 1984, but their love affair with the industry began several years before. In May 1977, the two attended National Transportation Week. They met at the conference and fell in love with each other and the trucking industry simultaneously. 

Duane Long is the co-founder and Chairman of the company, which is a full-service provider of global logistics solutions headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Longistics provides trucking, warehousing and Foreign Trade Zone management operations.

Pat Long is the Vice Chairman and co-founder of Longistics. She also serves as President of World Trade Properties, the real estate company developing the World Trade Park. 


Duane was the fleet manager at Black & Decker Corporation. However, he wanted his own trucking company. HIs manager told him that Black & Decker would work with him if he did start his own company. The dream was born, and the Longs founded Longistics Transportation in 1984. 

The company started with one room and one truck, but the Longs vision for the company was much bigger. Longistics began as a trucking company, contracting with firms needing transportation services. However, obsessed with service, safety and security, Duane sought ISO 9001:2008 certification. He also established a highly specialized “Imperial Fleet” of skilled professional drivers dedicated to promoting world-class service to customers. He understood that technology would ultimately transform the trucking and logistics industries. Longistics was one of the first trucking and logistics companies to establish a website – not only to promote the company, but for its customers to access. 

Longistics recognizes its drivers in many ways. During the pandemic, it thanked them as did many Americans. (Photo: Longistics Facebook page)
Longistics recognizes its drivers in many ways. During the pandemic, it thanked them as did many Americans.
(Photo: Longistics Facebook page)

Expansion and focus

Longistics Transportation grew over the next 14 years and in 1998, three Long family businesses were combined to form Longistics International. 

Today, Longistics Transportation offers logistics, trucking, warehousing and distribution services in the continental United States and Canada. Longistics is a dedicated leader in the logistics and distribution industry focusing on the transportation of cold-chain pharmaceutical and food products. The company provides freight transportation services with its own fleet as well as through a network of contract carriers. 

A Longistics tractor waits to hit the road. Its driver is a member of the "Million Mile Club." (Photo: Longistics)
A Longistics tractor waits to hit the road. Its driver is a member of the “Million Mile Club.” (Photo: Longistics)

Among the technology solutions that Longistics uses are supply chain visibility, satellite tracking, electronic data interchange (EDI), radio frequency identification (RFID), inventory tracking and access to real-time data. 

Longistics also established a reputation as a leading provider of global third-party logistics solutions,  building that reputation on on-time delivery, cargo integrity, security, safety and service. 

The company has a growing presence in China and also is growing its presence in other global markets.

One of two Longistics Foreign Trade Zones. (Photo: Longistics)
One of two Longistics Foreign Trade Zones. (Photo: Longistics)

Foreign Trade Zones

Longistics operates two Foreign Trade Zones, one in the Research Triangle and another in eastern North Carolina. The company controls a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio within them. These areas are used for manufacturing plants, exhibition and display facilities and warehouse/distribution operations.

Public service

From 2001 to 2002, Duane served as Chairman of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, after serving on the chamber’s board for more than 15 years, He served as Co-Chairman of the Regional Transportation Alliance. Long serves on the board of the Research Triangle Regional Partnership, the North Carolina Railroad Company and the North Carolina China Center.

He has been actively involved in industry trucking associations for more than 25 years. He is a past chairman of the North Carolina Trucking Association (NCTA) and is Chairman Emeritus of the NCTA Board of Directors. He co-founded the NCTA Foundation in 1994 and in 2013 was made Chairman Emeritus of the foundation. He was elected Chairman of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) in 2014, after serving in many other roles for the previous 15 years. 

The Longistics logo.

In addition to serving as president of World Trade Properties, Pat Long founded Rare Bird Trading Company in 2008; she is the Chief Executive Officer. Rare Bird Trading Company, which is a wholly owned foreign enterprise called Rui Bi Lin in Suzhou, China, helps both U.S. and China business owners extend their marketplace to overseas retailers. Both companies provide import and export services, global sourcing, logistics and consulting services. Long also serves on the board of directors of the North Carolina China Center, a non-profit organization formed in 2006 to provide a bridge between North Carolina businesses, educational institutions and cultural organizations and the Greater China Region.

In 1997, Pat Long became the first woman chair of the NCTA. Among her numerous awards and honors are the 2010 Women Extraordinaire Award, the 2010 Earl E. Congdon, Jr. Award for Excellence in Highway Freight Transportation, American Trucking Associations Federation Star Award, INC. magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies, the Triangle Business Journal Women in Business Award, as well as the Isaac Hunter Excellence in Service Award and the Business Leader magazine’s IMPACT 100 award.

Longistics' trucks are coming and going... (Photo: Longistics)
Longistics’ trucks are coming and going…
(Photo: Longistics)

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