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FreightWaves selects Predata for AI-driven risk signals

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Predata, the predictive analytics company for geopolitical risk, will be integrated with FreightWaves’ SONAR, the freight industry’s first and only market data and analytics platform.

Predata has built over 200 custom freight-specific signals that will be available to FreightWaves’ SONAR clients to assist them in anticipating previously unmeasurable transportation risks. With Predata’s unique dataset, SONAR users can quantify the potential impact of a variety of factors influencing the spot and futures pricing of trucking and freight.

“Our integration with FreightWaves represents a new application of our technology to the freight industry,” said Hazem Dawani, CEO at Predata. “SONAR users will soon get insights into how both geopolitical macro risks and industry-specific risks could affect their operations and trading, such as concerns around shipping companies and major transit nodes.”

Craig Fuller, CEO of FreightWaves said, “With its unique insights, we are excited to incorporate Predata signals into the SONAR platform, particularly because of the recent launch of the Trucking Freight Futures market. The SONAR software-as-a-service platform continues to provide our customers with the most comprehensive data available for the freight and trucking industries.”

The FreightWaves SONAR platform couples millions of freight market data points gleaned from millions of freight transactions with the market intelligence of the FreightWaves team, allowing users to customize their analysis of freight markets. FreightWaves’ SONAR subscribers are both freight industry professionals and financial institutions with direct and indirect exposure to the freight or related markets.

For Predata, this continues its momentum from March, when the company announced that its alternative data set was live on Bloomberg’s “ready-to-use” enterprise data website, Bloomberg’s Enterprise Access Point.

Predata uncovers predictive behavior by applying machine learning techniques to online activity. The company has built the most comprehensive predictive analytics platform for geopolitical risk, enabling customers to discover, quantify and act on dynamic shifts in online behavior. The Predata platform provides users with quantitative measurements of digital concern and predictive indicators for different types of risk events for any given country or topic.

FreightWaves is building a world-class community in freight that uses data and technology to help understand, react, predict and de-risk the market. FreightWaves SONAR is a unique and proprietary freight data and analytics dashboard. Over the past two years, numerous S&P 500 companies have stated that freight and transportation costs are among the most substantial risks to their earnings. SONAR data helps companies to better understand the freight market.

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