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Enterprise Fleet recap: How technology can help carriers

‘Tech really helps to automate business decisions that smaller carriers maybe can’t foresee’

Beth Howard, director of carrier development at Transfix, discusses how technology, partnerships and supply chain demands are causing rapid changes in the trucking industry. (Photo: FreightWaves)

This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ Enterprise Fleet Summit on Wednesday. 

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: The future of the enterprise fleet landscape.

DETAILS: The enterprise fleet model is changing. Technology, partnerships and supply chain demands are causing a rapid evolution in the trucking industry landscape. How will this impact the enterprise trucking business model and can applications provide a cutting edge for carriers wishing to be truly driver first? 

SPEAKERS: Beth Howard is the director of carrier development at digital freight platform Transfix. Thomas Wasson is an enterprise trucking carrier expert at FreightWaves.


“Running your own trucking company, being an owner-operator, you’re worried about getting your next load, you’re worried about servicing the load you currently have. You’re worried about all these other things, so sometimes it doesn’t really allow you time to build business partnerships with people to have consistent high-volume freight.”

“I think tech really helps to automate business decisions that smaller carriers maybe can’t foresee. It helps them do future analytics that maybe they don’t have the formula to see because they don’t have the breadth of data that Transfix can offer them. It’s also a way for [smaller carriers] to help optimize their network to make sure, ‘Hey, are we making the right amount per mile? What is my overhead business cost? Is this length viable to me? Are we working with the right partners?’ I think that’s what tech has been able to do and the Transfix platform has been able to do along with our app.”

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