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Teamster officials set April 10 meeting to discuss YRC contract

 The road ahead continues (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)
The road ahead continues (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Two-person teams of the Teamsters union will meet with top union officials April 10 in Chicago to discuss the tentative contract reached last month between the Teamsters and three units of less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier YRC Worldwide, Inc.

The meeting will convene at noon local time and run until about 5:00 p.m., General President James P. Hoffa and Freight Director Ernie Soehl wrote in a memo yesterday.

Under Teamsters bylaws, after the meeting the two-person teams will brief local leaders and the rank-and-file who will make the ultimate decision to ratify or reject the contract. Between 20,000 and 25,000 employees at national unit YRC Freight and regional units New Penn and Holland are Teamsters members.

The current collective bargaining agreement has been extended until May 31, two months past its original expiration date, to allow for the language to be fully vetted and for the rank-and-file to vote. YRC employees have been working under wage and pension reductions for the past 10 years. The Teamsters and YRC agreed to a five-year contract in 2010, which was then extended in 2014. Various workers have stated they will not ratify a contract that doesn’t contain acceptable wage and pension snapbacks.

The language in the tentative agreement has been a closely guarded secret. It is expected that details will emerge following the April 10 meeting.

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  1. B Jones

    Why the heck do you buy Roadway who were run into the ground by their sorry management then after you do let the sorry ass managers run YRS. I jumped ship 2 years ago because I wasn’t interested in working for a 3rd party carrier that sucked.

  2. RT

    After 14 years I jumped off the ship at YRC I can see this is not going to offend well for its drivers this company does not hold its drivers as an asset all they’re interested in doing is taking more and more and this contract should have been an easy negotiation considering they took away the 15% and the pension end YRC is literally one of the lowest paid trucking companies around I try to be a team player after all the ridiculous nitpicking I couldn’t take anymore it was time to jump off the ship the only thing that upsets me is walking away from my Teamster Brothers the only thing I would wish for all of them is go find a better deal you’re not going to get it YRC


    10 years is enough..
    Bonuses off our backs is enough.. we were once a Proud Company.. #1 bring back the morale!

  4. JV

    Give Back the Givebacks or Shut it down! 10 years of taking a screwing is enough. The Company means the rank & file no good and the Unions greed and comfort zone at the top will not allow them to Say No to the Company. Fool me once and it’s on you. Fool me again & I’m a sucka for abuse.

  5. Mtonberry

    The unions are equally to blame for the crash of YRC in the last decade. The stocks went from $438,000 a little over 10 years ago to the $7.50 you see today. I really don’t think they should be the ones to dictating terms here. That’s down 99.999981%

    1. Dan Roehrs

      In my opinion it was poor leadership. They spent money like a kid in a candy store buying their competitors and the economy crashed. I don’t think the workers had anything to do with that.

      1. Fr8man 621

        Your absolutely correct, and I for one and I’m sure everyone who will be reading this will agree. They had better have come up with a damn good contract or else they can stick it where the SUN DOESN’T SHINE!

      2. Mtonberry

        Of course it was poor management. But now it’s like they’ve been squeezing water from stone for so long, there’s no water left.

      3. Christopher Austin

        Bs old entitled worthless peices of shit!!! 85% of the 15% crying bastards are the ones that screw the company out of time as well the new hires. I watch day after day thise fools pass the work down and management allow to not hear they bitching. Dont get me started on tge giys that dont got a whole 2 uears in saying they want there 15%. WOW Why dont yall punks shit up and go elsewhere since no give back close doors, if they do u need a new job well just go!!! Thats right you to damn old to and you will realize you have to work for your pay.

        1. Justwork

          This is my opinion about some of the people i work with. I cant stand when a person worries about a other person shit!! So my feelings are that its bullshit that good people lost so much but the same door you enter you can leave. Go somewhere else if every other company is better? Why you didnt strike 10 years ago or maybe the last contract??? GOD Bless yall and I understand but everyone that works there is feeling the blues. Complaining just don’t help leave or deal with like you been !!!

  6. Keith Ervin

    Western conference YRCF employees have not had a pension contribution in 10 years. A 30% contribution was negotiated but the committee refused to allow a partial payment into the fund. Funds have been diverted into a 401k for the past 10 years.

  7. JF

    Please Frrightwaves the information is incorrect the drivers don’t have a pension, what they have its a savings plan for retirement and if they don’t save (401k) they will end their working life pennyless, so now after the 15 % wage reduction in this last 10 years they have to pitch into their 401k wish takes more money from their paycheck, just to equal the pension they use to have reduces thair salary to 50 %.

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