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YRC union workers to get $4-hour wage hike over 5 years

Will the rank-and-file buy off on the contract? (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Unionized employees at three of less-than-truckload carrier YRC Worldwide, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:YRCW) operating units will get a $4 per hour pay raise over the next five years – including an immediate $1 per hour increase – annualized hikes in contributions toward their health and welfare benefits, and the return of one week’s paid vacation relinquished in 2010, under the terms of a tentative collective-bargaining agreement between the company and the Teamsters union disclosed late today.

However, the tentative agreement does not call for an increase in YRC’s pension contributions, which were slashed by about 75 percent in 2010 as the company was fighting for survival. Contributions have remained at the same levels ever since. The agreement covers some 20,000 workers employed at YRC’s YRC Freight long-haul unit and at regional carriers Holland and New Penn Motor Express. YRC’s third U.S. unit, Reddaway, is covered by a separate agreement.

In addition, Holland will, for the first time, be able to use purchased transportation services, which will be capped at the equivalent of 8 percent of miles driven. YRC Freight has used purchased transportation on a limited basis for the past five years. The parent company can also establish a rail intermodal service subject to strict restrictions designed to minimize any reduction in bargaining-unit driving. Teamsters officials said that union negotiators have the authority to limit or shut down the use of purchased transportation by either operating company.

Ballots will be mailed to members on April 19, with the votes set to be tallied and the results announced on May 3. The current contract had been extended for two months beyond its original March 31 expiration date. The new compact, if ratified, would be retroactive to April 1.

In a communique released prior to a conference call this evening with the rank-and-file, union leaders said the three operating companies could not afford “one more penny” beyond what they agreed to pay under the agreement. Customers were already threatening to divert freight from the units in the days leading up to the tentative agreement, Teamsters leaders wrote. A two-month contract extension until May 31 was “necessary to keep the customers in place while the ratification process takes place,” leaders wrote.

In the document, Teamsters leaders said that customers would pull their freight if the rank-and-file rejects the agreement. Voting down the contract would constitute a strike authorization under the Teamsters constitution. However, a strike would never occur because customers would have already fled to other carriers, they added.

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  1. YRC refuses to pay even close market rate after given 15% in concessions and a 15.5% corporate tax cut and sucking a major percentage from their regional carriers that actually make money. Their insulting offer backed by the IBT says one thing. They don’t deserve to exist.

  2. Drivers should still be paid more… at least another $2 raise. YRC Worldwide is a profitable company making tens of millions of dollars and the upper top managements are making millions in annual salary. Drivers will forever be screwed so that the CEOs can rake in millions every year.

  3. No retirement for newer workers, no matching 401,still below abf,ups,fedx,estes,the list goes on predictions are pension is going to go broke ,there hiring rightt outof driving schools ,while experienced drivers go to competition for better wages,

  4. How can the Teamsters honestly negotiate a contract when they’re partners with the company? We gave back for 10 yrs and expected the concessions to end with a new and better contract. The Teamsters sold us out. I hope its voted down. Close the doors and let some other company who care about their employees have the freight. Enough is Enough!

  5. Remember the 300 to reverse split on our stock options. Remember the attempted purchase of ABF. Remember the secret ratification of this contract. Remember the bonuses paid to management. Call Central States to see just what our Union thinks of YRC employees. If you vote yes for this you deserve everything you get.

  6. Vote no and close the company then. But it’s still the best job a lot of us have had and way better than what a lot of us will end up with if only for the ins. Of course I’ve only been with Yrc fo 16 years and drove cross country for over twenty years before starting here so I’ve had to pay $200. A week out of my lower pay checks for Ins. not as good job and do twice the work driving and lumping for less$$ so go ahead vote no and show them that you think they are only bluffing but when you’re on the street hoping to get a job this good don’t cry about it.. I vote Yes myself !! It’s not a bad offer!!

  7. Eddie, people like you are the reason we are still under these concessions. If we continue to settle for less YRC will continue to under pay us. I been here 20 plus yrs and im tired of the bullshit. To give back 12 to 14 thousand dollars a year is a total rip off. They have people like you thinking this is the best job ever. It use to be before people like you voted it away. Do you think if YRC shutdown the customers will shutdown too? Vote yes and continue to get screwed.


  9. I gave 14000 back in 2018 we are the lowest ltl in the twin cities a dallor will not even come close 4 dallors would bring us half way imagine how broke we will look in five years when every other ltl company is over 30 dallors an hour. I agree vote no the freight has to go some where… Other companies are paying 28-30 dallors an hr ill start my own retirement that is 100% on that..:)

  10. You no voters are a bunch of cry babies that think you’re going to get everything you want and more well you’re not this is one of the best contracts they put out in quite a while I’m a 30-year Teamster I’m voting yes this is the easiest job I’ve ever had here at Holland so quit crying if you don’t like it don’t vote quit and go somewhere else and work dont ruin a good job the rest of us want to keep

  11. Sadly the company understands the lack of intelligence by the rank and file and the CONTROL By the internatonal who is conflicted with bias.

    If you have a good understanding of the economy and the direction this country is going you would fear nothing and understand what’s on the table.

    But unfortunately for the rank and file they can not use their logical sense and judgment to understand that they have been under democratic policies that have failed them more then you would ever understand.

    We become a societee of acceptance we become and a societee Of individuals who believe that the bare minimum is enough and forgot the fight and bite in a dog who has been kicked.

    The comments I see are not surprising just like the political affiliation that they’re promoting good luck I wish everyone prosperity but more important I wish more intelligence within the rank and file.



  13. All of you read the third quarter results of 2018. The company was turning down profitable Freight because they couldn’t find any drivers. My solution would be to increase the wages and attract more drivers. Obviously, with this low increase in wages, they will still fail to attract any quality employees. No increase in the pension or 401k???

  14. With the cost of ins for a family plan this would put me around $30 per hour when the full $4 is implemented. I vote yes. For all those complaining, you brought it upon yourself. I’ve heard many say they only give 85% effort, so they ran the company into the ground. Congrats, you get to reap the rewards


  16. I might have this wrong but didn’t the employees vote on allowing YRC to take 10% and then they asked for another 5%? It was voted on and it passed by the rank and file. So all of you who voted yes back then to allow this to save your job, Now want to vote no to end your job. I think that’s correct if I’m not mistaken. But, for the new employees who were not here when this give back happened, are being called uneducated and Card holders instead of teamsters because they like the $4 hr pay raise and free insurance. How can anyone blame a young man or woman with a spouse and kids who plans on voting yes to improve his personal life. He or she never voted to give it away but there going to be the ones blamed for taking this offer if it passes.

  17. So let me get this straight YRC is on multiple pay scale levels. So the seniors who voted 10 plus years ago will get a pay raise of 4$ an hour over the next 5 year making then at the end of 5 years at my terminal at around $27/$28 and hour. And everyone who had not work for yrc 10 plus years ago who is paid top scale now $19 an hour will be at $23 an hour at the end of the 5 years. I don’t think so. It’s not the people who voted 10 plus years ago who are keeping the company open it’s the new people who make a lot less who have to hear some senior workers say I won’t ever give them 100% of my effort there lucky I give them 50%. Are you joking in other company you give them 50% afford and they give a spot at unemployment office. Sorry but I just my butt for the company I give 100% of myself 99% of the time. And to be paid a lot less is no go for me. Sorry but the senior guys with 10 plus years you made your bed now you lay in it. But under 10 years we didn’t so we should be put at equal pay Plus the $4 increase. And who ever sees this and know me and has a problem with my opinion come and see. Don’t be a baby and talk behind my back.

    1. I 100% agree I say it all the time it’s not our fault the old guys gave up everything we should be able to make the same as them because we keep the company a float.

      1. You people are weak and you all sound like a bunch of complete suck ups. You are not keeping anything afloat. You just keep telling yourself you are important you are not only the whole union is. Quit being mesters and learn to be a Teamster.

        1. Thomas, your getting angry at the wrong people. You The Teamsters voted for the give back. Not the new hires. I’ve been here for 5 years and have seen how many of the senior employees have continued to do less and less walking around saying give me my 15% back. I’m only giving them 85% of my potential. Screw this company. How many of you guys who have been here for 10 or more years actually know what health insurance cost these days. It might be a lower hourly rate than you want but the money your saving in health insurance is worth 2 times the hourly rate. So vote no. Get more on the hour. Lose your company paid benefits and pay $200 a week for insurance and then a $5000.00 deductible then after you meet your deductible pay 20% on top of that. You’ll lose money. So for you to say to the ones who are voting yes are mesters and suck ups is really saying how much of an idiot you are. You gave up your 15% the new hires didn’t. You sucked the company off 10 years ago when they said they were closing the doors unless we get money back. And voted yes to save your job. So I’m voting yes now to continue my free insurance and a $4 raise. If you don’t like it leave and work somewhere else. There is a driver shortage so enjoy your search and your new career. I’m not made at you for voting no. So don’t get pissed at me for voting yes. It’s what makes America great. If we were together I’d buy you a beer and try to understand your thoughts. But I’m sure you would pass Because I’m a new hire and beneath you

  18. I left yellow in 2005, I knew the end was near because the employees did not care about their jobs or the company. They are one of the last so called union carriers left. There is no place left to go!

  19. The union say they can’t get another Penny out of YRC. Then why is it that Reddway union workers were told by the union that the union would negotiate a way better contract for them then for YRC workers. There is more that yrc can give. First comes first
    Why does Reddway get a better contracted YRC

  20. How is it a raise if you already owe me 15% more money?? 1st give us back our 15 % then we can talk raise. Or close the doors the country is short drivers I’ll just go to a better paying job.

  21. My Brother works on the Milwaukee Terminal for many yrs. The old timers and the ones Retired got it easy as they got older and the union protection of the good ole boyz so they could ride off in the sunset while everyone took it up the Butt. The Ceo’s and all the former managers got Millions in bonuses yet complained the company was broke. Teamsters union Suck!! Members should call another union to replace the corrupt one you’ve now and you’ll see a huge difference. American airlines Mechanics Machinist broke free of there crappy union years ago and Got thousands back n huge wage increases when they switched unions. Your future Pensions are being reduced n you’ve to work in your 60’s now and the good ole retired boyz are enjoying nice Pensions n a early retirement. I would tell the union to reduce the retired Teamsters pension by $1,000.00 do there will be money for you guys and watch them bury that idea fast. Good luck! Vote No get the 15% back they took then ask for a 3% raise per yr after and tell the company no more Multi million dollar bonuses 4 Managment!

  22. EA

    20+ years st YRC. Do the Yes voters know how to add? Are you really that damn that you are not able to see the millions the upper management sharing with each other and the yrc shares they are giving to each other every quarter? Is it really that hard to see the billions of dollars this company saved by the sacrifice we made? Are you that lazy that you are welling to accept less pay and no pension because you think the job is too easy? A real Teamsters knows how much money they are loosing and how much the company is making. A real Teamsters knows which work force the company honors by watching were the profits go. A real Teamsters wants to work hard for a company that honors their pension they deserve. A real Teamsters votes NO when they can see a total lie and a luck of a strong representative which results in a really weak representation once again.

    • if you work 2+ years everyone should make the same. Give back the 15%.
    • either reinstate the pension or at bare minimum pay 75% in to our 401k.
    • explain the % raise we are getting for the next 5 years, on top of the 15% you should give back that you enjoyed taking for the last 9 years.
    • profit sharing
    • for every $1 bonus we get $4 to split.
    • medical compatible with ABF.
    • bring back vacation pay to 2009 standard.
      If you are taking anything less than this, don’t get mad when someone is saying you are a very uneducated Teamster because you are voting Yes on this ridiculous only company minded contract.
  23. Well I see it this way I have been with Yellow and YRC for 38 years and it has been a damn good company. As far as the new hires not making what the old-timers are making my opinion is the old-timers gave up and yes we did vote for the reductions to keep the company afloat but the new hires gave up nothing. As far as our health insurance we don’t pay a penny for that and I can tell you that I have had more insurance claims and probably added up to more than I have made at YRC in 38 years. I figured it out 20 some years ago and with our Health and Welfare we were making over $35 an hour at that time. So my opinion is you don’t like it move on. As far as our pension plan no I don’t like the fact they are only paying 25% into the pension. It’ took us older timers 9 years to get two years in. But the union informed us at the beginning before negotiation we’re not going to get everything back. I voted YES.

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