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Niche wins for container shippers — Navigate B2B

Specific takeaways container shippers can use to their advantage

Global Supply Chain Week has come and gone, but on this episode of Navigate B2B, host Steve Ferreira looks back at his favorite interview moments. Ferreira is CEO of Ocean Audit and had a large presence during the last three days of GSCW, which focused on global maritime shipping. 

With ocean contracting season coming up, Ferreira wondered if shippers should assume a “brace” and “hard landing,” lose-lose proposition. Or should they deftly network to intelligent partnerships and opportunities that in the long game provide softer win-win or neutral-neutral scenarios?

Ferreira addressed the importance of mitigating cost and risk in the sea trade game and introduced viewers to two alarm bells that will not be solved by ignorance.

Here is a full list of Ferreira’s interviews during Global Supply Chain Week:

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