Bonus Episode – Hurricane Florence Edition

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Episode Summary:

JP and Chad are joined by FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller, EVP David Bradford, and Meteorologist Nick Austin for a special Hurricane Edition of What the Truck?!?

Episode Notes:

First, Nick talks about the current state of Hurricane Florence and its likely impacts–wind damage, rainfall, and storm surge. Then, Craig and David discuss the logistics of hurricane relief, drawing on their experience providing transportation services to FEMA after Hurricanes Isabel, Charley, Ivan, and Katrina. We talk about the early struggles of federal agencies to adapt to using private logistics contractors, and how disaster relief operations have evolved over the years.

About the show:

What the Truck?!? is FreightWaves’ irreverent podcast breaking down the biggest stories in transportation and logistics. Join FreightWaves writers John Paul Hampstead and Chad Prevost on Friday afternoons as we discuss all things freight.

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