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What The Truck?!? – November 02, 2018

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Episode Summary:

On this week’s episode Chad imbibes a Truckstop Honey from Back 40 beer from Gadsden, Alabama and JP has the usual comfort brew, a Bell’s two-hearted. This week, leading up to the midterms, the dynamic freight duo take on a variety of political issues such as they pertain to freight and economics. They measure the political B.S. meter from a scale of 1-10.

Episode Notes:

Spear speech to ATA reveals organization plan to reach out to independent drivers
Drug testing legislation to include hair-sample testing for truck drivers 
Teamsters ready to walk from UPS Freight should second contract fail
FreightWaves and Jason Schenker talk about the midterm implications for the freight economy

Then, they rally with a rousing round of Big Deal, Little Deal (what’s the deal with you)?

XPO drivers in N.J. agree to join Teamsters Big Deal or Little Deal?
Trucking carriers shift capacity to capture port volumes Big Deal or Little Deal?
Uptake taps into Geotab sensors, artificial intelligence to take predictive maintenance a step further Big Deal or Little Deal?
To reduce traffic, pollution, delivery services hop on the bike Big Deal or Little Deal?
Manufacturing, and not ecommerce, is the decisive factor of international air cargo growth Big Deal or Little Deal?
FreightWaves partners with Benzinga to bring freight market news to the masses Big Deal or Little Deal?
Brent-WTI spread widens; crude prices propped up by supply worries Big Deal or Little Deal?
Final phase of I-269 opens, allowing trucks to bypass Memphis traffic Big Deal or Little Deal?

About the show:

What the Truck?!? is FreightWaves’ irreverent podcast breaking down the biggest stories in transportation and logistics. Join FreightWaves writers John Paul Hampstead and Chad Prevost on Friday afternoons as we discuss all things freight.

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