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What The Truck?!? – March 22, 2019

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Episode Summary:

What the Truck is going on in all things freight this week?

Redwood Logistics is one of the nation’s fastest growing logistics providers, fueled by industry-leading technology and a passionate team of experts. From Multimodal Brokerage and dedicated truckload to 3rd party logistics and TMS consulting, implementation and integration… Redwood Logistics delivers next-generation solutions for its clients—and much more than a truckload.

Episode Notes:

Weekly Market Update:

Shippers return to their old ways of detention as carrier compliance increases

Radio Recap: guests discuss actionable data on show 4

And then on to the other big headlines of the week:

BLS cites lack of pay – not drivers – as cause for driver shortage

ATA asserts government driver shortage study gets it wrong

Soft CVTI guidance sparks truckload selloff

FedEx earnings depressed by slowing global economy and trade fears

Big deal, little deal (what’s the deal with you)?

California clean tech coalition endorses “transforming trucking” legislative package Big deal or little deal?

Orca AI is helping ships navigate safely in congested waters Big deal or little deal?

Experts react on AAR’s request for cost-benefit analysis in STB proceedings Big deal or little deal?

Federal Reserve says no rate hikes, 2.1% GDP growth in 2019 Big deal or little deal?

Supreme Court declines to review California case with possible driver classification impact Big deal or little deal?

TuSimple adds night vision to the mix Big deal or little deal?

Court dismisses carrier lawsuit against Rhode Island truck tolling Big deal or little deal?

Truck trailer orders down again in February, but analysts predict another record year Big deal or little deal?

About the show:

What the Truck?!? is FreightWaves’ irreverent podcast breaking down the biggest stories in transportation and logistics. Join FreightWaves writers John Paul Hampstead and Chad Prevost on Friday afternoons as we discuss all things freight.

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