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Qatar Air Cargo expands South American service

Qatar Airways Cargo plans to expand service to South America in 2020. Scheduled services will join the cargo carrier’s freighter network on Jan. 16, with service provided by a B777 freighter aircraft to Campinas, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Lima, Peru; and Bogotá, Colombia. 

The twice-weekly flights to Bogotá from Doha, Qatar, will operate via Luxembourg and Miami, while the service from Bogotá to Doha will operate via Liège, offering 200 tons of capacity on each leg. The twice-weekly flights to Campinas from Doha will operate via Luxembourg with the service from Campinas to Doha, operating via Santiago, Lima, Dallas and Luxembourg, also offering 200 tons on each leg, Qatar Airways Cargo announced Dec. 1.

General cargo, pharmaceuticals and perishables will form the majority of goods imported and exported to and from South America, along with some movements of live animals and high-value items such as telecommunications and electronics equipment.

The new services will commence close on the heels of the Nov. 25 delivery of the carrier’s 21st new B777 freighter. The delivery increased the airline’s freighter fleet to 28 aircraft. Qatar Airways Cargo also placed an order in June for an additional five B777 freighters, with deliveries scheduled to begin in April 2020. 

Qatar Airways Cargo serves more than 60 freighter destinations worldwide via its Doha hub and also delivers cargo to over 160 destinations globally on over 250 aircraft. In addition to B777 freighter aircraft, the carrier operates two B747-8 freighters and five A330 freighters.

Qatar Airways Cargo is the world’s second-largest cargo operator, measured by global share at the end of its 2018-19 fiscal year. The carrier enjoyed a 16.8% jump in cargo revenue and 6.8% growth in cargo volume to 1.45 million tons for the 2018-19 fiscal year ending March 31.