Freight.Tech 25 and Platform Science consolidating fragmentation

Darrin Demchuck of Platform Science. (Photo: Jim Allen)

At the MarketWaves18 Demo Day, Darrin Demchuck of Platform Science reviewed the company’s IoT fleet management program and numerous features, including what he said was an ability to customize it to a specific driver “on the fly.”

“Data is the new oil,” as the mantra goes. And the uneven distribution of data expertise in trucking has translated to a corresponding uneven distribution of power. While blockchain offers many solutions along the complexities of the supply chain, often the real answers in the short and mid-term, lie with IoT partnerships. Some companies have technology, but either haven’t fully (or correctly) applied or integrated the data. Also, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for carriers. 

Enter Platform Science. Founded in 2014, the company replaces legacy telematics solutions with a revolutionary IoT ecosystem designed to unlock the value of disconnected data streams throughout the transportation and logistics industry.

The platform provides maximum flexibility. Its features on compliance also include state-by-state provisions to add to the flexibility, so for example, it will reflect California’s unique rules that drivers must abide by. Platform Science also was one of several presenters that effectively reminded the audience that paper is a ways from being out of the trucking compliance system. Demchuck demonstrated the tool’s ability to scan and consume paper documents. That is but one small piece of the company’s innovative approach to consolidating trucking’s myriad fragmented parts.

The FreightWaves Research Institute was created to recognize the most innovative and disruptive companies in freight and logistics. From an original list of over 500 nominations, the institute first narrowed the original list to the Freight.Tech 100, which was then winnowed to the Freight.Tech 25. From those top 25 an independent panel of judges by accounting firm Katz, Sapper & Miller (KSM) oversaw the final ordering.

The list of the Freight.Tech 25 winners can be found here.

“I’d like to say we were really excited to be a part of Marketwaves 18, and thrilled to be in such amazing company in the Freight.Tech Top 25, for our public market coming out party,” CEO Jack Kennedy, CEO and founder, tells FreightWaves.

“The mix of Carriers, Shippers, OEMs, Technology providers and Tech Investors in attendance made it clear that the future of trucking is technology, and Marketwaves18 was the official launching point in time for the next wave. As we say at Platform Science, ‘Tech Beats Torque.’ Marketwaves18 is proof of that.”

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Chad Prevost

Chad is radio host and broadcast media specialist for FreightWaves.