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White Paper: Strengthening demand sensing for a global consumer goods conglomerate

Strengthening demand planning with scalable and cost-efficient data acquisition for a global consumer goods conglomerate

Today’s increasing supply chain complexity and the ever-evolving consumer demand and behavior changes are impacting consumer goods (CG) companies.

Moreover, overcoming data challenges is key, from managing unorganized data sources to collating information from varying data formats across the value chain. Data-related challenges result in supply chain inefficiencies and impact visibility into sales and the bottom line.

That’s why seamless acquisition and harmonization of near real-time data is essential to help CGs ensure the product is available at the right place and at the right time. 

This is where Demand Sensing comes in. It goes beyond traditional demand planning techniques by leveraging AI/ML algorithms to provide “granular visibility into network-wide sales and inventory, helping you know what is selling, where and at what speed.”

For instance, data acquisition was a challenge for our client, a multi-billion-dollar global consumer goods company. With TradeEdge Demand Sensing, the client was able to achieve near real-time visibility into secondary sales data, thus driving the business to 5x growth in 5 years.

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