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Sales & Marketing recap: Successful B2B marketing starts with knowing the audience

‘My target strategy has to catch the eye of a single person first, before it can catch the eye of the entire company’

Forward Air’s Sylvia Cintron talks with FreightWaves’ Kaylee Nix about tailoring B2B marketing to fit the audience you’re targeting. (Photo: FreightWaves)

This fireside chat recap is from the FreightWaves Sales and Marketing Summit on Wednesday.

Watch: Forward Air’s Sylvia Cintron discusses B2B marketing strategies with FreightWave’s Kaylee Nix.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Turning B2B into B2C by focusing on the needs of the individual

SPEAKERS: Sylvia Cintron, vice president of sales and marketing at Forward Air, and FreightWaves reporter Kaylee Nix.

BIOS: Cintron has more than 25 years of experience navigating the sales and marketing space for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and nonprofit organizations. Forward Air is an expedited ground transportation and logistics provider.


“In the B2C space, because of the plethora of information that there is in the business-to-consumer space, it is known to have very aggressive 360 marketing tactics — when you visit any website you often receive an email from them within minutes, or you probably receive an SMS or text on your phone. That is because in B2C, we have all of your information and we’re treating you as an individual.”

“In the business space, we talk about companies we want to target — company A versus company B. But the decision maker in this case is an individual, a consumer that is utilizing their personal behavior in a space to make a decision for the company that they represent. By targeting that one individual — my target strategy has to catch the eye of a single person first, before it can catch the eye of the entire company. I have to prove my worth to the individual before they can make the decision of if I’m worthy to represent their company or for their company to be represented by me.”

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