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Clarissa Hawes Monday, October 23, 2023

Amid legal woes, Slync seeks alternative to bankruptcy, winds down operations

While logistics visibility platform provider Slync had hoped that new management and a $24 million cash infusion in February would be enough to save the FreightTech company after its former CEO was indicted on fraud charges, the company is proceeding with an alternative option to a traditional bankruptcy and plans to wind down operations and sell off its technology.

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Clarissa Hawes Friday, September 15, 2023

Former drivers for Ameritrans Express owed millions of dollars in unpaid wages

Lisa Celli was excited to start her first day on Jan. 5 as a contractor delivering mail for the U.S. Postal Service in the small unincorporated town in California where she and her husband live. However, less than 24 hours after finishing her first route for Ameritrans Express, she received an alarming email stating the contract delivery company was taking “drastic action.”

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