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FreightWaves Staff Thursday, February 27, 2020

FreightWaves LIVE demo day presenters, first edition

There’s a lot to get excited about for what’s coming up at FreightWaves LIVE in Atlanta May 5-6 at the Georgia International Convention Center. Among those things are the live, seven-minute demonstrations. The demos allow companies to showcase their products’ capabilities, while the hard stop keeps audiences tuned in — and the presentations sharp and […]

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FreightWaves Staff Wednesday, November 13, 2019

FreightWaves LIVE: Rapid-fire demos for carrier communication, peak productivity

With the challenges carriers face involving communication, consistency, managing productivity, finding and matching loads, and many more issues, there is a rise of logistic companies offering solutions for both shippers and carriers. Freight-tech startups as well as long-established companies picked up on trends and challenges in the industry and have developed cutting-edge, intelligent solutions.  On […]

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